Thursday, October 21, 2010

In preparation for the Holidays...

So it's been a while. I'm sorry for neglecting you, my lonely little blog, but it's my busy season. Today is the first Saturday I've had free since August, never mind all the Fridays and weeknights I've been busy as well. And unfortunately, there's no wine in this entry either, but rather a little bit of anticipation for the holidays.

Mom and I went stopped by a little local Christmas shop today, which happens to be run by an old high school friend of hers. Our intention was to look for a piece to go with my Fontanini Christmas Nativity set. (Ironically, the couple that runs this shop sent us a "starter" set that included the Holy Family, a stable, and an angel when we got married.) These pieces are not cheap, but they are beautiful, and I'm quite content to accrue pieces slowly over time. We went in and found Jeremiah, a piece I actually referenced last year on my Christmas list.

Then we found David, the innkeeper's nephew. My 14 month old nephew's name is David as well, and he is currently in the hospital, recovering from a difficult surgery. We decided that David needed to be a part of my set as well.

Of course, you can't go into a shop like that and not browse around a bit. That also meant that we ended up picking some ornaments for the tree, too. I'm an M&Ms fiend, so we couldn't help but pick up this ornament.

Being a dancer, I have plenty of ballerina ornaments that I absolutely love. My passion, though, is jazz dance. Rarely do you see jazz dancer ornaments, and usually they are ugly or skanky looking. We found this cute "jazzerina" ornament.

But I couldn't resist getting one more ballerina ornament, especially seeing as I'm doing two trees this year-one in gold with white lights and one with colorful lights and our "fun" ornaments. I can't wait to see it lit up with the lights. 

So now I'm ready for the Christmas season...or at least Thanksgiving so I can start decorating. And the hubs is currently watching Home Alone, so I guess he's feeling it, too.