Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jack - 10 months!

Well, after some crankiness, we're finally hitting some milestones I knew you were on the brink of. We started off the month with a stomach bug that you so kindly shared with Mommy and Daddy, and then went into a cranky phase, in which I lovingly referred to you as "Demon Child." A week later, you were crawling. Then pulling up, and suddenly cruising. What the heck dude?

You also have found a new game of biting me during feeding times. You will stop nursing, get this huge grin, clam down and pull away. It hurts like a bitch. And what's worse is you know exactly what you're  doing.

You survived another trip down to North Carolina, this time down to Charlotte. Your father won tickets to the NASCAR Hall of Fame that had to be used by the end of this month, so we took Spring Break as the perfect time to go down. We had a great time, and you really enjoyed all the cars.



Hair: Brown, but lightening daily

Eyes: Brown

Clothing: Some 6-9 month clothes are starting to get a bit tight on you. And, in all honesty, I'm bored with this wardrobe and ready to move on to your 12 month stuff.
Sleep: Improving. It was rough over spring break, as we were traveling, but before (and now, after) you seem to be giving me a good 5 hour stretch from 11ish to 4ish. The only problem is my alarm goes off at 5, so it's rough for me to be up around 4, but we're working on stretching that out longer.

Nicknames: Stinker, Stinkpot, Stinkster...pretty much you're Stinky.

Milestones: In the course of one week, you became a crawler, sitting up on your own, started pulling up and cruising around furniture. It was like you finally decided you were going to  be mobile, and you were going to do everything you could all at once. You also have found that you're a bit of a carnivore. You loooooove meat. Maybe it's because you have a bajillion teeth, but you love to rip into a good piece of meat. Thus far, you seem to enjoy chicken, turkey sausage, hot dogs, roast beef, and bacon. You also are a huge fan of mashed potatoes. You're learning the word "No," which we have to say around you a lot now. You're very into cords, so you hear "no" a lot. Sometimes, if you're caught off guard by it, you make the saddest, most ridiculous face. Other times you just laugh at me, which is not cool, but most of the time you at least listen to what I'm telling you to do.