Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maternity Leave-Day 1

The magical day is here...the day when the hubs had to get up and go to work and I didn't. I was so excited...and then the day started. 

My plan was to take Velma to the vet for her annual exam/vaccinations bright and early at 7:30, then or home and finish grading 47 3-5 page research papers. From there I had a few errands I wanted to run and then relax around the house. Velma and I got up, got ready to go, and the car wouldn't start. Mt only that, but my key wouldn't come out. Nick tried to jump it to no avail, and while we got the key out, the ignition switch wouldn't turn to the off position. Joy. 

Vet appointment cancelled. I came on in and got started on grading the papers, hoping to get on through them. 3 hours later, I was done, stir crazy and lacked motivation to do anything else. And while I did get a few things done, I sent the day being bored, yet unmotivated. And every time I thought, "I should go do X," I'd remember I was trapped at home. And every twinge made me wonder if labor was in sight. (In case you were wondering,it wasn't.)

It was so frustrating! After being so slammed for the last month, and nothing I had to do, along with no where to go, it was bizarre to do nothing and watch "Will and Grace" reruns. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. The agenda: Vet try #2, bake cookies, and teach at the studio. That should make the day go by faster. But...I'm willing to rearrange my plans if Nick, Jr, wants to come early!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 38

How far along? 38 weeks.

How big is baby? Between 6 and 9 lbs and 19-21 inches, a pumpkin or the length of a leek. 

Total weight gain/loss: While I was down last week, I was up about 5 this week. I think a lot of that is luid, even how my feet and ankles have swollen up this week. 

Maternity clothes? Primarily. I had someone in Target last night ask me if I was wearing a BellaBand. I replied, "Not tonight, but I have one." We had a pleasant little chat about it.

Sleep: Ok. I still only wake up about once to go to the bathroom, and waking up brutally early with the dogs.

Best moment this week:Ummm...another week of several. 

1) Maternity leave officially started on Friday afternoon! I have about 40 research papers to finish grading, but otherwise I'm freeeeeeee.

2) The nursery is completely done. See yesterday's post. :-)

3) The new wall enclosing the loft is finished, just needs to be painted. We got the house cleaned up  from the sanding, and Dad pressure washed the house.

Movement: A lot.

Food Cravings: None. And my appetite has decreased.

Food Aversions: Bananas. I feel like a broken record.

Gender: Boy.

Labor Signs: I've had a few contractions this week. I feel like my body is getting ready, but it still has a ways to go.  

Pregnancy Symptoms: This week my feet have taken to swelling up-a lot. It's not painful, but I'm glad I can get away with wearing nothing but flip flops. 

See? Not pretty. 

Belly Button in or out?In, but tight.

What I miss: Not having to stop while cleaning because my back hurts or I'm exhausted.

What I am looking forward to: I'm starting to feel some trepidation about labor. And life with baby. I'm getting really nervous. I'm ready to have this baby, but at the same time, I'm afraid of how I'll handle labor and delivery. I'm also scared I'm going to screw up this child. It's a huge responsibility, which I've always known, but I'm kinda freaking out over it right now.

Upcoming appointments/events: Next appointment is Thursday.

Milestones: I'd say the nursery being complete is a pretty big one. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Now that the nursery is done, I thought I'd share some pictures over. Warning, this will be ridiculously picture heavy.

Peaking in the door...
Awesome bookshelves my dad built, inspired by this and this.

As you come in the door. (Don't mind Sissi, she's never going to want to be in this room again once the baby gets here.) The shadow bow to the left of the crib will eventually  house things we wish to keep from the hospital/first days home.

I love my polka dot inspired lanterns.

Twin bed, for those nights I can't get to sleep elsewhere. Etsy prints by Chickadee Digital.

Bedding is Mod Dot Complete Sheet Set by Skip Hop. Art work is by my mother and sister in law. Eventually, I will have some artwork from Rachel to go up here, too. And yes, Raggedy Andy is hunping the camera of the video monitor for now. I have yet to hook it up to make sure it works.

Matching Laundry hampers, for clothes and dirty diapers.

The changing table. Pockets on the wall contain newborn pockets, fitteds, covers, and accessories (diaper cream, lotions, snapis, etc). Red bins on the wall have pacifiers, a few disposable diapers, grooming items, and healthcare/meds). My fabulous baby book is on the wall.

Newborn Prefolds on the left, Small Prefolds on the right.

Newborn and 0-3 month sleepers on the left, one size pockets and all in ones on the right.
Osocozy size 2 Prefolds on the left, doublers and Medium Prefolds on the right.

Clothes galore! Most of what you can see is Newborn and 0-3 month. For right now, only clothes up to size 9 months are hanging. Anything I have 12 month + are in storage bins from Ikea to the right side of the closet, on shelves that were already there.

Labeled bins, from left to right: Extras, Burp Cloths, Hats, Socks, Blankets, Swaddles
Sleepers 3-6 months, sleep blankets, and plain onesies and undershirts.

6-9 month sleepers, sleep sacks

Stroller Accessories.

Extra Bedding.

Toys (and clothes that need to be washed before being hung in the proper location.

Baby shoes...All hand me downs.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 37

How far along? 37 weeks. 

How big is baby? A winter melon or a stalk of Swiss chard, 19-21 inches long and anywhere from 6-9 pounds. 

Total weight gain/loss: At the Dr last week I was down 1lb. 

Maternity clothes? Nothing fits! I hate clothes right-I just feel like a cow, which is frustrating because I don't think my belly looks huge, but the rest of me is ginormous. I did get a jersey midi skirt to get me through these last few weeks and the summer, although I secretly hope It gets too big really quickly this summer. 

Sleep: Decent, except Saturday night I was up from 3AM until 6AM. it really sucked because I was so exhausted. I'm trying to figure out how to sleep more comfortably-my bag is awfully stiff when I wake up. 

Best moment this week: Ooh, how to choose....there were a lot. 

1) Secured daycare for the next year!
2) Breast Pump ordered through insurance and should arrive in th next week or so!
3) Maternity pictures with Beth! We met at a local beach to do these, with plans of eating dinner at the pub before hand. While we were eating, the wind picked up and it looked like a nasty storm was brewing. We were afraid we weren't going to get the pictures done, which would really suck, as we wanted to do them last week and had to reschedule. At any rate, the weather cleared up after dinner (and the beach majorly cleared out), and we got some amazing pictures done. Here are a few, and you can see more on Beth's blog

4) Fluff mail! Abby's Lane had 15% off Thirsties products for Mother's Day, so I took advantage. 1white diaper cover to go under outfits you might see a cover through, a size 2 All In One Diaper in Polka Dance (we know I love polka dots!) and a size 2 Duo Diaper in Cool Stripes, a pattern I had been looking for.

5) Cute clearance baby clothes. I can't stand how cute this outfit will come September/early fall. I picked it up while birthday shopping for my niece at Toys R Us. It doesn't hurt that it was originally $37 for the outfit, and I got it for $16, plus earned another $10 gift card. 
6) Performing in Bayside Youth Ballet's 20th Anniversary Gala. I have been so excited about doing this show-I even considered putting off trying for Nick, Jr, for a while so I could be sure I could participate. (Obviously, I worked it out to have my cake and eat it, too.) Everyone was worried I'd pop this kid out on stage, but nick, Jr, and I had several serious discussions that he could do whatever he wanted after 10PM Saturday night, but until then, he had to behave. I like to think he listened, even if he play a bit of a prank (see below). 

Movement: Pretty active, although I had a small scare on Wednesday night. I was stepping down as someone was coming around the corner. In our efforts to miss each other, I ended falling on my tush on the floor. I was pretty sore for the next day or so, and Nick, Jr, was not so active. He did move around Wednesday night, just not as much as he had. By Thursday evening, he was back to his old antics, so I didn't worry too much. 

Food Cravings: Chocolate, but that might not ave anything to do with pregnancy. 

Food Aversions: I won't even think about trying bananas. 

Gender: Boy. 

Labor Signs: I can feel he's getting lower, and I'm certainly more uncomfortable. Gas has been bad, too, and uncontrollable. I feel like he is is pressing down on things and letting out some toots without my knowledge or permission. My appetitite has changed-I'm not nearly so ravenous any more. My stomach has been a bit queasy-not really sick feeling, just off-and my stools have hotten a lot softer. (Lovely thoughts, right?) At my appointment on Monday, I was thinning and maaaaaaaaaybe one 1cm dilated, so things are progressing, but nowhere near eminent. I *think* I may have had one random contraction on Wednesday in class. 

We did have a bit of excitement yesterday...we were taking advantage of some downtime by...enjoying each other's company upstairs. When I got up, the sheets beneath me were soaked. Way more than sweat or any other liquid that typically comes from that type of activity. As I stood up, I felt this horrible cramping pain, which may have a contraction. I got in the shower and started wondering if that puddle could be my water breaking. I didn't think so, but it was a lot of something. Nick said he felt something "squirt." When I got out, I consulted a friend, who recommended I go ahead and call the on-call doctor. Long story short, we ended up at Labor and Delivery. Everything looked good-no contractions (although I could have had one random one)-and my water did not break. Could have been sweat, discharge, urine, or any combination. I felt silly going in, but with the performance tonight, I do believe it was the right choice. More importantly, I think this gave Nick an, "Oh crap, this is real moment," and heled him see what we need to get done in the next few weeks. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: Except for feeling huge, nothing of note. My feet are a bit crampy this morning, and I woke up Friday night with horrible cramps in my thighs. My body temperature has also increased this week-I am always so hot!

Belly Button in or out? In. Maybe it really will stay that way. 

What I miss: Not having people question whether or not I feel like doing something or should be doing something. I appreciate the concern, but it can be frustrating. 

What I am looking forward to: Last day of work is Friday! I can't believe I'm so close! Of course, I have a ridiculous amount of work to do between now and then...lets hope I an make it through the week and get everything finished up. 

Also, our house is a wreck right now. We're (finally) getting the drywall finished, but things are in disarray right now as it all it getting finished. Hopefully, we'll be able to paint next weekend and get it all done. My new goal is to have my house back to normal by June 1. Sounds reasonable, right?

Upcoming appointments/events: Next weekly visit is Wednesday at 3:25PM (weird time, huh?). Hopefully this will be more efficient than the last. 

Milestones: 37 weeks= term. If Nick, Jr, were to come today, he shouldn't need any additional medical help. Of course, I would prefer for him to at least wait until next weekend and let me finish up school, but it's amazing to believe we've made it this far already. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 36

Happy Mother's Day!

It's a little weird-a lot of people at wok wished me a happy Mother's Day...in my mind, though, I'm not really a mother. I'm close, but not quite there yet. Nick did get me an orchid for Mother's Day; of course, he gave it to me while I was having a conversation with a pregnant fend about how I feel awkward celebrating it right now. I felt like an ass, but it's also different from him. It's much more personal, and I really appreciate his thoughtfulness. 

How far along? 36 weeks. 

How big is baby? A honeydew or crenshaw melon, 17-18.5 inches and 4.2-5.8 pounds.

Total weight gain/loss: In three weeks, I gained 6lbs per the dr's scales on Thursday. 

Maternity clothes? Once again, some...I wore a strapless maxi dress (with a cardigan) Friday night that I bought 6 years ago for Rachel's wedding. It looked great. That dress was the best investment-I've Ron it heavier, thinner, and now 8 months pregnant!

Sleep: Some nights are good, some suck. I've been really achy when I wake up, too. 

Best moment this week: Baby shower number3! Tarra and Allison threw an awesome shower at work for me. 

My classes at school also threw some parties this week they called them baby showers, but there weren't really any gifts (I discouraged it). A few kids did bring in some cute things, and I'm so impressed with their thoughtfulness. Two students also brought a gift for a student who is due in August. They crammed a diaper bag full of bottles, pacifiers, and clothes. 

I received several gift cards at the shower, and I've been milking Babies R Us's current promotion: spend $40 in store, get a $10 gift card back. It's valid at Toys R Us, too, so I've gone to both and attempted to spend right at $40, as well as use a 20% off coupon, and then get the gift card. I ended up with $40 in gift cards, then I used my registry completion coupon tonight, and ended up getting another $10 back. Considering I still need to go birthday shopping for my niece, it will come in handy. (And if it doesn't, it's not like I'll never need to go back to BRU/TRU again.) 

Movement: He likes his personal space. The other night Nick put his head on my tummy, and the little booger scooted away. As soon as Nick moved his head, he swam back over. We also found out in rehearsal today baby that, based on his movement, he likes Harry Connick, Jr, Hairspray, Chopin, and Copeland. Pretty diverse (and good taste), if you ask me. 

Food Cravings: None in particular this week. 

Food Aversions: Bananas. 

Gender: Boy. 

Labor Signs: None yet. Dr said at my appointment Wednesday no dilation yet, but my cervix is starting to thin. Right on schedule-nothing too early or late. I just need to get through the next week and I'll be ready to go whenever. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: Gas. It's been horrendous this week. Nesting in the form of organization and shopping, not so much cleaning. I also found out one of my previously assumed symptoms was actually a result of pregnancy brain. My eyesight had not gotten that bad-I was wearing Nick's prescription of contacts for the last 4 months. Oops. 

Belly Button in or out? Still in.

What I miss: Not feeling like there is an alien in my stomach. 

What I am looking forward to: Finishing up home projects. After my brother in law walled in the loft, we've struggled with finding someone to finish the mudding. Tarra and her husband Sam got a layer of mud done today. He needs to sand and do another layer or two of mud, so hopefully it'll be finished by the time I go out on maternity leave. Nick also has a friend that is working on our bath tub. Now to get some yard work done....

Upcoming appointments/events: We're up to weekly appointments-next one is tomorrow. 

Milestones: Hospital bag is packed. Nursery is done. Time to install the car seat. Breast pump paperwork is ready to be submitted for insurance, FMLA paperwork/long term sub set up or school, and registration paper work just needs to mailed to the hospital. 

Just for fun, I took this little quiz. We'll see if Nick, Jr holds true to it or not! Chances look good for right around my due date!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Shower #3

I am extremely lucky to have a wonderful group of people I work with, some of which are very close friends. Tarra, an art teacher, and Allison, a drama teacher, put together this awesome shower after school on Thursday. It was real casual-food and socializing only-just how I like things! Tarra made all the decorations herself-she went way above and beyond. 

I was truly blessed by all the gifts we received-lots of clothes, books, and feeding accessories. The music department went in together and got our high chair, amongst some other items, and another group went in on the Step and Play Piano. It was such a beautiful and perfect afternoon, and I'm so glad I was able to share with everyone who came. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 35

How far along? 35 weeks down, 35 days to go!

How big is baby? A Coconut or Honeydew Melon...about 18 inches long and around 5 lbs. 

Total weight gain/loss: Why do I even keep this question on here?

Maternity clothes? Same old same old, some yes, some no. I'm really thankful I saved some of my clothes from losing weight. I am able to wear my 10 year reunion dress for a costume in 2 weeks. 

Sleep: Fairly decent. I typically only wake up once to pee, and it's the best pee ever. I actually feel like my bladder gets completely emptied. 

Best moment this week: Explaining cloth diapers to one of my classes. They asked what brand of diapers I was going to use, so I told them we were using cloth, which many of them found appalling. I have to bring in some samples next week to show them. 

And....I won, I won! I was lucky enough to receive a "Baby Registry" Gift from Maria at Change-Diapers. I enjoy reading her posts, and when I entered our formation in the registry, I figured it was an awesome idea, but I wouldn't be one of the lucky ones. Well, I was! I got an email on Weenesday saying I had been selected, and yesterday a Dry-Line Bamboo fitted, Geffen Wipe, and a birthday cake scented Change-Diapers Pen.(I kinda want to eat it.) Thans, Maria for your generosity!

Movement: There have been a few times I've actually jumped in discomfort this week from his movement. And the hiccups ave significantly increased. 

Food Cravings: I love soup. 

Food Aversions: Bananas. 

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: I had someone tell me I looked like I was starting to drop. Nick asked if that meant the baby was coming soon-I told him it meant he was getting ready, but he could be getting ready for the next 6 weeks or so. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: Gas-it's been bad this week. Also, I'm not sure how much is my schedule and how much is pregnancy, but I've been exhausted lately. 

Belly Button in or out? In. Thus far, I consider this a small victory. 

What I miss: Margaritas. Cinco de Mayo doesn't taste as good without tequila. 

What I am looking forward to: Maternity Leave. I start May 24. As much as I want baby to come a bit early, I really hope I can take a few days there to just sleep. 

Upcoming appointments/events: Had to move last week's appointment to this week. This week I have a work baby shower, and several of my classes are having parties in class.  I'm kinda hoping to go to the Birth and Beyond Expo next Saturday in VA Beach. 

Milestones: 35/35! Seems so close, and yet so much is going on, I feel like I'll never get there. 

Yeah...I think I have dropped a little this week...