Saturday, May 25, 2013


Now that the nursery is done, I thought I'd share some pictures over. Warning, this will be ridiculously picture heavy.

Peaking in the door...
Awesome bookshelves my dad built, inspired by this and this.

As you come in the door. (Don't mind Sissi, she's never going to want to be in this room again once the baby gets here.) The shadow bow to the left of the crib will eventually  house things we wish to keep from the hospital/first days home.

I love my polka dot inspired lanterns.

Twin bed, for those nights I can't get to sleep elsewhere. Etsy prints by Chickadee Digital.

Bedding is Mod Dot Complete Sheet Set by Skip Hop. Art work is by my mother and sister in law. Eventually, I will have some artwork from Rachel to go up here, too. And yes, Raggedy Andy is hunping the camera of the video monitor for now. I have yet to hook it up to make sure it works.

Matching Laundry hampers, for clothes and dirty diapers.

The changing table. Pockets on the wall contain newborn pockets, fitteds, covers, and accessories (diaper cream, lotions, snapis, etc). Red bins on the wall have pacifiers, a few disposable diapers, grooming items, and healthcare/meds). My fabulous baby book is on the wall.

Newborn Prefolds on the left, Small Prefolds on the right.

Newborn and 0-3 month sleepers on the left, one size pockets and all in ones on the right.
Osocozy size 2 Prefolds on the left, doublers and Medium Prefolds on the right.

Clothes galore! Most of what you can see is Newborn and 0-3 month. For right now, only clothes up to size 9 months are hanging. Anything I have 12 month + are in storage bins from Ikea to the right side of the closet, on shelves that were already there.

Labeled bins, from left to right: Extras, Burp Cloths, Hats, Socks, Blankets, Swaddles
Sleepers 3-6 months, sleep blankets, and plain onesies and undershirts.

6-9 month sleepers, sleep sacks

Stroller Accessories.

Extra Bedding.

Toys (and clothes that need to be washed before being hung in the proper location.

Baby shoes...All hand me downs.

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