Monday, August 22, 2011

Accessorize me!

The problem with losing weight is you need all new clothes. Much to my wallet's chagrin, I have become quite a clothes horse since losing weight. I'm almost to my goal-I have about 15 lbs to go-so I'm trying not to go crazy as I might still go down an additional size before I'm done. I've picked up some essentials I need to go back to school with, but now I'm focusing my attention on what accessories I can get to jazz up my wardrobe. I mean, for the most part, you can wear the same accessories regardless of what size you. So here are a few of the things I'm digging...
 Leopard Print. I'm not bold enough to wear it as a shirt, skirt, or dress, but I love it right now. I did pick up a cute little skinny belt similar to the one above at Target this morning.

Candie's, carried by Kohl's
 Peep toe or not, I love these (and similarly styled) shoes. Being that I am on the tall side, I'm searching for a pair that isn't platform. I have no problem walking in them, but I'd prefer not to be too statuesque.
Steve Madden Trinitie Platform Pumps
Speaking of shoes, I want some nude pumps. Like woah. They seem so pretty and versatile.

Forever 21
I found last year that I got the most use out of a long silver necklace I have. I was browsing Charming Charlie's the other day, and found an awesome long pearl necklace and matching earrings. For less than $8, I was sold.