Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Change of Pace

I established this blog as a way to recall wines I've tasted and loved-or hated, as the case may be. I haven't stayed exclusive to posting about wine-this blog has from time to time become an outlet for different thoughts and ideas I have had, but I always felt like I should keep those to a minimum. (Hard to believe, I know.)

I also haven't been posting a lot of different wines. It's not that I'm not drinking-althoug while doing Weight Watchers, I have cut back-it's more that I have found some of my favorites and am not trying so many different wines.

So I'm changing the tone of this blog...Wine will still have a strong presence, but this is blog is becoming more about my life and adventures, no longer wine-centric. I can promise you, I'm not exciting, but judging by the number of readers I attract, my impressions and ideas about wine aren't either.'s to turning over a new leaf!

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