Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jack-3 Months

This month has brought so many changes. You are coming more and more into your own personality. You've been around your cousins, David and Colbie, a lot, but I think going to your baby sitter has been huge for your social development. You are watching people and things all around you. You have a friend at the baby sitter's who is almost a year older than you, and I cannot wait to see you running around with him. As it is, you watch him wherever he is going, and he is constantly by your side, talking to you and checking in on things. Mama, on the other hand is still struggling with our morning routine. The afternoon routine we have down. We get home, you play a little while I get the bottles/pump parts washed from the day, prep bottles for the next day, and get diaper laundry started (if it's Tuesday or Thursday). We play a little, then it's into the swing for a nap. Our morning routine is suppose to go: Alarm goes off at 5AM, get up, pump while eating breakfast, load the car (in my PJs/bathrobe), get dressed, change your diaper and PJs, nurse you, and then out the door by 6:15AM. Sometimes, this works, sometimes you decide to wake up earlier, sometimes I oversleep, sometimes nothing seems to go right. At any rate, you sleep in the car and stay asleep until about 8-8:30AM. I like leaving you in your PJs and throw an outfit in the diaper bag for you to wear later in the day.

In other major events, you had your baptism last weekend (Sunday, September 8). You were so well behaved during church-you sat him your daddy's lap and watched everything. During the actual baptism, you were alert and played with your tongue. Yes, you have found your tongue, along with your hands. And if you're not touching something, you're making obscene gestures with your mouth.

Weight:13ish lbs 
Length:  24 inches
Head Circumference: 15.5 inches
Clothing: Solidly in 0-3 month clothing, but I'd say not for too much longer. There are a few 3-6 month pieces you can wear. Your christening outfit fit you perfectly this past weekend, but I'm sure if we had waited much longer, we would have had to buy you a new one.
Hair: A lighter shade of brown, with some stray curls and crazy bed head. The length is out of control, but I really don't want to have to worry with cutting it yet.
Eyes: Brown, with a surround of blue. I still believe they will end up hazel in the end.  (It's the same as last month, so I just copied and pasted it.)
Sleep: It's going pretty well. You are consistently doing a 5-6 hour stretch when you first go down, but afterwards it's still mostly 2 hour stretches. Last night you went down around 9:15, slept till 3:30, back down by 3:45 and I had to wake you up to feed you at 6 so we could get to work on time. I'm hoping the be able to forgo the swaddling soon. We've started using primarily a Halo Sleep blanket, swaddled with the arms in. You are inconsistent with sleeping when we swaddle you with your arms out, so I think you're not quite ready yet. We usually start bedtime around 8PM, but I think you'd sleep longer if we could push it back until 9. You just get so upset if we wait much later than 8.
Nicknames: Your father has taken to calling you "Jack Man," which is what your pediatrician loves to call you. I call you "Big Boy" a lot, as you're getting so big all the sudden, and Dad makes fun of me, as that's what Grandpa Tom calls him.
Milestone: You're a champ at tummy time. You can hang out there for days on end, especially when you are looking at the bright colors on your play mat. You've started laughing some, too. It's inconsistent, but it's there.

Like father, like son.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweet Baby Jesus!

Beer: Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter
Store:The Virginia Wine Experience (Fredericksburg, Va)
Cost: ???

Once upon a time, I thought I only liked really light beers; recently, though, I've found that darker = more flavor. Besides, most cheap, nasty beer is light (not to say all light beers are nasty), so there has to be something going on with the darker beers. This beer is like a party in your mouth. It's sweet and bitter all at once. As soon as you pick it up, you automatically get the smell of sweet peanut butter. You first experience a bitter cocoa taste with the beer, followed up by the sweet peanut butter. It is a very strong taste, but reminds me of a dark chocolate, alcoholic Reese Cup. It's not something for everyone, and it didn't really mesh with the barbeque I had earlier with it. This is a late evening beer to enjoy with a vanilla dessert.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars