Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Importance of the Weekend

I hate fall. That's a lie. I actually love fall-it's one of my favorite times of year. Unfortunately, my schedule is super sucky in the fall-especially this fall. I am working a third job (working with the marching band), which is a huge time commitment in the evenings and weekends, and I've working overload on my primary job. Two weeks ago (and into last weekend), my schedule was horrid. Mondays and Wednesdays I leave school to go directly to the studio; Tuesdays and Thursdays are band practice in the evenings.

Friday, I worked straight through the entire with in a frazzled fury of energy to go directly to my marching band job (practice and then a football game)...finally getting home about 10:30 that evening.

Saturday we had a parade, which meant I was back up at school by 8AM.

Parade was rained out. Ran home, straightened things up a little in order to get ready to go out again.

Niece's first birthday party (2PM)

Military promotion party (4PM). Take too many shots, have an emotional break down before leaving, rough ride home, and stumble into bed.

Sunday morning-lots of bread and water...feeling too rough to do much, but the hubs wants to go. So...

Off to the county fair.

Wait for FIL to stop by.

Run errands.

Wait for FIL to stop by.

Run to a friends house to do some laundry as our dryer was broken.

Realize FIL isn't going to stop by.

Frantically get ready to start the week again.

This week was even worse as I had auditions scheduled after school in addition to the band practices. There was one saving grace, though. The dryer repairman was coming on Friday, sometime between 8AM and 5PM. That meant someone had to stay home and wait for him, and as luck would have it, it was me.

I truly needed that day off. I feel so much better and refreshed. We had another band event that was rained out yesterday, and then nothing I had to do today...that was 3 days in a row to do what I needed to for myself. What a relief.

I know that weekends like this are few and far between, but I've got to make sure that right now while my schedule is super crazy to take a little more time for me. I feel so much better prepared for the week now that I have had some time to recuperate from last week.

The A to Z of Me

Nothing like going a month without blogging, and coming back with a silly meme. More fun stuff to come later.

A. Age: 29...looking forward to turning 30 next summer!

B.  Bed: Queen Size...which according the hubs I hog, and according me, he hogs!

C.  Chore the you hate doing: Putting away laundry...second only to putting away dishes from the dishwasher

D. Dogs: Right now, only 1: a hound mix named Sassy who is approximately 7 years old. She was a rescue from the SPCA. We've had her a little over 5 years...the vet estimated when we got her that she was about a year and a half old. We also run a kennel for friends and family. My sister's dogs, Lucky, the dauschand, Daisy, the beagle/lab mix, and Rufus, the golden retriever, are often frequent flyers over here. We also just finished keeping Willow, a Siberian Husky who caused us much strife, for a friend over seas. We thought we were getting a new puppy after Marching Season is over, but now that doesn't seem to be happening. I still really want another dog.

E. Essential to Start Your Day: Coffee. I think it's more a hot beverage than caffeine that gets me up and going in the morning.

F. Favorite Color: Probably red, although I realized my wardrobe was primarily reds and pinks, so now it's much more saturated with purples and blues. I really do think every color can be beautiful when given the proper attention.

G. Gold or Silver: Silver all the way.

H. Height: 5'10"

I. Instruments you play: I leave that to the hubs. He plays them all. I wish I played piano...apparently, when I was little, I was asked if I wanted lessons, refused, so they got my cousin to play. He no longer plays,  and I wish I did. I also played around with the idea of playing the flute in middle school, but decided I was better to stick with singing. I do sing-I still dream of being a broadway baby. I studied voice privately in college, but (obviously) never went anywhere with it.

J. Job title: Teacher. How boring. I did make up my own title, though, and they let me use it on my signature line: Associate Director of Dance. I'm also the Visual Ensemble Director and Calendar Guru at school. I have also been referred to as the Princess of Awesomeness (seriously).

K. Kids: None right now. I think we're going to start thinking a little more seriously next summer about it...if I decide to forgo my masters for now.

L. Live: Southeastern an area known for being a bit ghetto, and everyone famous from here is a bit notorious. Funny, if you go 20-30 minutes away, it's a much different atmosphere. I'd like to get there some day.

M. Mother's Name:  Ann...although to me, she's just Mom.

N. Nicknames: Hopey, Hopester, Hope-ifer, Action.

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: None-except for when I was born.

P. Pet Peeves: Stupid people. Seriously, just get over yourself and do what you know is right. Whistling. The obnoxious high pitched sounds my husband thinks is funny.

Q. Quotes from Movies: 

R. Right or Left Handed: Right

S. Siblings: 1 sister, 3 years younger than I am. We were not particularly close (though no bad blood either) till she had my nephew. Now we are significantly closer.

T. Time You Wake Up: I hate waking up...During the week, the alarm goes off at 5:15, and I'm out of bed by 5:45 (some mornings earlier than others). Most Saturdays, I'm up by 7 as I probably have to be somewhere. If I don't, it's usually around 8AM. I actually tell Sassy she can't wake me up before 8AM. We sometimes bargain in the mornings over it.

U. Underwear: I wear a variety of bikinis, lacy boy cuts, and g strings. It all depends on my mood and what I'm wearing.

V. Vegetable you hate: There are not many of those, but last year we got a whole bunch of Kale through our CSA. I now hate that vegetable. Don't bring it around me.

W. What makes you run late: Chores. "Lemme try to get one more thing done real quickly before I leave..." Although, honestly, I'm not often late.

X. Xrays you've had: Ankle, knee (multiple times), bladder (not fun at all), and my shoulder at least twice.

Z.  Zoo Animals: I love big cats. Lions, tigers, name, I am in awe of their beauty.