Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 38

How far along? 38 weeks.

How big is baby? Between 6 and 9 lbs and 19-21 inches, a pumpkin or the length of a leek. 

Total weight gain/loss: While I was down last week, I was up about 5 this week. I think a lot of that is luid, even how my feet and ankles have swollen up this week. 

Maternity clothes? Primarily. I had someone in Target last night ask me if I was wearing a BellaBand. I replied, "Not tonight, but I have one." We had a pleasant little chat about it.

Sleep: Ok. I still only wake up about once to go to the bathroom, and waking up brutally early with the dogs.

Best moment this week:Ummm...another week of several. 

1) Maternity leave officially started on Friday afternoon! I have about 40 research papers to finish grading, but otherwise I'm freeeeeeee.

2) The nursery is completely done. See yesterday's post. :-)

3) The new wall enclosing the loft is finished, just needs to be painted. We got the house cleaned up  from the sanding, and Dad pressure washed the house.

Movement: A lot.

Food Cravings: None. And my appetite has decreased.

Food Aversions: Bananas. I feel like a broken record.

Gender: Boy.

Labor Signs: I've had a few contractions this week. I feel like my body is getting ready, but it still has a ways to go.  

Pregnancy Symptoms: This week my feet have taken to swelling up-a lot. It's not painful, but I'm glad I can get away with wearing nothing but flip flops. 

See? Not pretty. 

Belly Button in or out?In, but tight.

What I miss: Not having to stop while cleaning because my back hurts or I'm exhausted.

What I am looking forward to: I'm starting to feel some trepidation about labor. And life with baby. I'm getting really nervous. I'm ready to have this baby, but at the same time, I'm afraid of how I'll handle labor and delivery. I'm also scared I'm going to screw up this child. It's a huge responsibility, which I've always known, but I'm kinda freaking out over it right now.

Upcoming appointments/events: Next appointment is Thursday.

Milestones: I'd say the nursery being complete is a pretty big one. 

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