Sunday, January 10, 2010

The House To Dos

Our house has a bunch of real small, easy to dos that just have to be done. So let's see if I can't get these things done between now and spring break.

  • Get Bi-fold Doors for the Laundry Room back on track -Done 3/14
  • Spackle and paint bathroom from former towel rack- Done 2/27
  • Spackle and paint kitchen ceiling from former kitchen light- Done 2/27, now all the ceiling needs to be painted
  • Paint interior doors and trim (esp door to the garage)
  • Paint Powder Room (Love the color, it just needs to be touched up A LOT)- I wonder if there is enough left over from the guest bedroom to just do it the same color...hmmm...
  • Get Guest Bedroom Doors on Track
  • Get plywood cover for the crawlspace to the attic
Most of these are little things, but they are driving me crazy in that they aren't done yet. Maybe I can get focused and get these done ASAP.

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