Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Goals Revisited

March Goals
  • Finish Apollo's Angels- I have no excuse for this, except that I didn't make an effort to take time out to read.
  • Wash all curtains- Incomplete but intentionally holding off until Spring Cleaning is done
  • Clean Silver Coffee Service Done March 20, 2011
  • Clean off Back Deck - Done March 20, 2011
  • Put Up stuff in the attic  Done March 20, 2011
Additional Accomplishments
  • Clean out Fireplace March 20, 2011

    March has been a bit of a frustrating month for me. As things started to bloom, my allergies decided to rear their ugly head yet again. I also seem to have been overly busy at work, which is strange since March is typically so quiet for me, and I spent one weekend out of town.

    I am itching to start Spring Cleaning. My house feels so gross and nasty, and I just need that fresh feeling in general. Unfortunately, Willow the shedder is still with us. I refuse to do a deep thorough cleaning while she is still hanging around. She should be heading out soon with any luck. As spring break approaches, though, I am considering starting with the upstairs, which includes two bathrooms and three bedrooms. Willow is not allowed up there, except to go to bed in her crate, so I don't feel like my efforts would be in vain if I was able to go ahead and get started up there.

    So now that March is done, what are my April Goals?

    • Finish Apollo's Angels for real.
    • Wash curtains in addition to Spring Cleaning the entire house.
    • Find Willow a new home. 
    • Plant flowers.
    • Mulch the flower beds. 
    • Begin Container Garden. 
    • Re-make Easter Egg Wreath.
    • Re-make cork wreath. 
    That looks like a lot, but, as I mentioned, I have Spring Break coming up and I plan on getting a lot done then. 

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