Monday, June 20, 2011

June/July Goals

As I mentioned when I revisited my April goals, I knew I was not going to have much time in May to focus on any goals. And I was right. It seemed like I didn't stop from the moment we came back from NYC on April 30 till school got out last Friday. I sit here tonight, alone, in a moment of solitude it seems like I haven't experienced in forever. I love it...but I can also tell it will get old  very quickly. I have plenty to do this summer, and tomorrow it all begins.

So what do I hope to get accomplished in the next 6 weeks? Here we go...
  • Finally finish Apollo's Angels, in addition to reading 2 other books. Recommendations?
  • Try at least 5 new recipes. 
  • Make my bed every morning. 
  • Establish a cleaning routine and stick to it. 
  • Create a jazz dance syllabus/curriculum. 
  • Ride bike or walk the dogs for at least 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.
  • Organize drawers in guest bedroom. 
  • Clean out TShirt Drawer. 
  • Host a Gold Canyon party. 
Oh yeah, and while I've done a couple of deep cleanings, no Spring Cleaning has happened yet. Willow is still with's hoping she go to her rightful owner by the end of July. 

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