Monday, September 3, 2012

A Charmed Life

The hubster and I have a tendency to gaze longingly at some of our Facebook friends' pictures and activities. They are young, beautiful, and seem so happy. Some are traveling everywhere, some have gorgeous children, and some just seem embrace every meal or glass of wine. I admit, there are a few friends that I have "Facebook crushes" on. Their lives look perfect and I love to stalk them online, a little envious but always in awe. And let's face it, we all know most people like to put their best foot forward on Facebook. It's all about the wonderful things going on (unless they post complaints and "woe is me" statuses to get attention).

I have said many times this summer that I was looking forward to turning 30. My 20s were a bit rough-lots of good things happened, but it felt like we were constantly trying to push ahead to get to where things would be "OK." Finish college, find jobs, be able to afford a mortgage. And since the hubster took a non-traditional route, it seemed that much more difficult. Things finally feel a little more settled, and I was relieved to have this set the tone for my new decade in life. Maybe we'd get to travel some. Maybe we'd feel a little more financially comfortable. Maybe we'd have time to enjoy life rather than work, work, work.

When I came back to work this week, a older teacher who I am Facebook friends commented that she loved seeing all the pictures I posted of our different travels this summer. I was a little taken aback-someone enjoyed "watching" me on Facebook? Could someone think that I lead a charmed life?

I took some time to think about it this week, and while we were tailgating at a concert this weekend, I realized how good I really have. Good food, good drinks, great friends, money to afford the luxury of a concert, and a fabulous husband to top it all off. I do, in fact, live a charmed life. 

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