Monday, October 14, 2013

Jack-4 months!

Pictures got much more difficult this month as you want to play with Toto instead of just lay beside him.
Another month down, another month older. It's obviously been a pretty busy month as I haven't updated here since your last update. In many ways, it's just been getting back into the full swing of things with work and school. You're still loving going to Nana Becky every day. You finally met someone younger than you-Miss Ila was born during this month, and we're already planning play dates. This month, especially the last 2 weeks or so, have been...trying. I can tell you are getting ready to make some huuuuuge advancements, but it's been a little difficult waiting to get you there.
You sent Tarra some encouragement during her labor.

Weight: 13 lb 8 oz
Length:   24 7/8 inch
Head Circumference: 16 1/8 inch
That mop of hair.
 Clothing:You're merging into the 3-6 month clothing. As a matter of fact, I packed up *most* of your 0-3 month clothing this morning. There are things you can still wear, but 3-6 month just looks more comfortable on you. For the most part, though, we're still in 0-3 month pants. Your short little legs and skinny waist don't want to fit in 3-6 month pants yet.

Fitting into some dapper new clothes...are the links ready for you?

Hair: Brown and long. When I was giving you a bath the other night, I noticed it will hang down below your shoulders when wet in the back. The texture seems to be thickening up, too. You have this crazy cowlick you get at the top of your head, which makes your head look about 2 inches taller than it really is. Seriously. That is not an exaggeration.

Eyes: At this point, I'll be surprised if they are anything other than brown. But they are a beautiful brown. 

Big, beautiful, brown eyes

Sleep: This is a sore subject for me right now...Shortly after you turned 3 months, you actually had about 2 nights of sleeping through the night. Then, the teething began. You were not fussy, but you were not restful. We decided since you were struggling with sleeping anyway, may as well  go ahead and try to wean you from the swaddle. That hasn't worked. This week you seem to be going through the "4 month wakeful period" or sleep regression. I'm not sure if you're not filling up during the day, and therefore waking up to get in your calories, or if your sleep patterns are just changing, or if you're having digestive issues (pulling off and fussing/screaming while eating)... At any rate, it's been rough, especially the last few days. And while I want you to sleep, I don't want something to become a crutch for you. I'm frustrated because I know we all will be happier once we can to better sleep, but I'm not sure what's the best way to get there. I was starting to get all worked up about sleep training you, but after talking to the pediatrician today, I'm not so worried. He said we should just set the groundwork now by keeping things calm and quiet at night when you're up (which we do), and be more aggressive around 6 months. 

Sweet, pouty baby lips.
Attempting to sleep...unswaddled. I keep expecting to see a demon or something pop up on the screen when we check him on the monitor. I should never have watched Insidious.
 Nicknames: I call you "Jackie Doodle" a lot...your dad sticks with "Jack Man." I also refer to you as a sleep hater from time to time.
Watching the Pirates with Dad, just before they were out of the playoffs
Milestone: Rolling over! You've gone from your belly to your back a lot, and you did back to belly once, as a fluke, I believe. You've also gotten in 2 teeth and seem to be working on more. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a full mouth by 1 year. You're also consistently laughing-especially on the changing table. That's you're favorite place in the whole world. And talking...sometimes I think you won't shut up.
Sweet baby laughter

Not that you asked, but I'm pleased to report that this month the extra baby weight has decided to start coming off-finally. I've lost about 10 lbs in the last 6 weeks, so I'm really hoping I can keep this up. I haven't done much differently, other than starting back to work (which automatically means having to plan meals better and be more active), but I want it to keep up. I worked so hard to lose the weight before, I know I can do it again.

And, on a bittersweet note, I think it's time we found a new home for our kitty Sissi. I've suspected Nick is allergic to her (and me, not nearly as much as he), and she has a penchant for urinating in inappropriate places when she's angry. Well, apparently she has a beef with Jack as she peed on him Saturday morning. No, I didn't see it, but he was hanging out on his Kick'n'Play Piano while I did some things in the kitchen. I went to pick him up, and I noticed his mat was wet. Then I noticed his feet and ankles were wet. Not on the bottom, like he had put his feet in it, but the tops, as if he had been sprayed. And reeked of cat pee. I will not have a cat that pees on my son. So...she's got to go. Know anyone that wants a cat?

Enjoying your Piano, ready to roll over back to tummy, before the cat peed on you.

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