Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jack - 9 Months

 Oh Jack, what a month. We've all been a little down around here, mentally, physically, and emotionally. We have had a bunch more snow days, and I think we're all just ready for spring.

Weight: 17.2 lbs, based on our bathroom scales

Length: An Unofficial 28 inches

Hair: Thick, wavy, and brown

Clothing:  6-9 Month

Eyes: Brown.

Sleep: After getting on some antibiotics for a sinus infection, I thought we were doing better. Then you got a stomach bug. Now that that is clearing up, let's hope that full nights are right around the corner.

Nicknames: Stink Pot is probably the biggest one right now.

\Milestones: You're pulling up! Well, not completely...you prefer to pull on really low objects, so you usually end up in some weird half bent over position. You do a pretty good job pulling up on my fingers, though. You're still not crawling, but you do a great job of pushing yourself around on your butt. We have to watch out for what's near you; you're already good at finding trouble.

You're also waving bye bye and hello, inconsistently. Sunday morning when i brought you in our bedroom, you frantically waved good morning to your daddy, even though his back was to you and he was still in bed. You also like to wave at yourself in the mirror, which cracks me up. But heaven forbid someone try to prompt you to do...you give them sweetest shit eating grin and act shy. I'm tempted to say you got that from me...I don't always like to perform when asked-it has to be on my terms!

And teeth...oh the teeth. You know have 3 of your molars poking through. That's a grand total of 11 teeth. Dude, calm down. I promise, you'll get steak for your first birthday.

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