Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Our guest bedroom has been a long time coming. When we first moved into our house, it was the least of our concerns. Now, almost 3 1/2 years later, it has been driving me crazy. This was our guest bedroom when we first moved in. I loved the bedding, but the cat took her aggressions out on us one too many times, and we never could get the smell out. Also, the mattress had no just sat on the floor.
Notice the Hideous Ceiling Fan. We had a white one in our bedroom, so I moved that one to this room and we purchased a new one to put in our bedroom.

So I was in TJMaxx a couple weeks ago, and they had some beautiful quilts on sale in there. After much hemming and hawing, I couldn't get away from this pink and green beauty. I bought a king size for a queen bed. The bed is up on risers , so I needed something long enough to cover it up. I also found a white bedskirt at KMart in king size to cover the mess. I also found the curtain at Target.

I love my Degas Print over the bed, but the frame is temporary. I need to find a pretty white frame for it. I conned my mother into letting me use some furniture from my childhood bedroom (which also happened to be from her bedroom). I'd like something more modern, in a brighter white, but for now, it's OK. I do want to replace the hardware. The lamp is from my single apartment days and the tiles on the wall are from Empire West. They offer three free samples, and I happened to get them at a time when they were offering free shipping. They've been in my garage over a year while I tried to figure out how to use them. I also would like to figure out a better way to keep the stereo out. I use it, but it's quite large.

I have this lovely blank wall opposite of the bed. I know I want to get a mirror to put over there, but otherwise, I'm not sure. We'll see-I'm in no rush. The book case was originally wood tone, and I painted it white.

I'm dying to get this image from Ikea, but the nearest one is 3 hours away...We'll see...

I'd also love this mirror:

Cost Breakdown:
Quilt: $39.99
Bedskirt: $10.00
Curtain: $10.00
White Paint: Free (For bookcase)
Green Paint: $30 with supplies
Tiles: Free
Furniture: Free
Total: $89.99

Still to Purchase:

White Frame
Possible Prints

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