Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Goals Revisited

I am ashamed. When you look at my April goals and what I accomplished, it's going to look like I didn't accomplish much. And in some ways, I haven't. And things are only going to get worse as we get into May.
  • Finish Apollo's Angels for real. I am enjoying this book, but reading puts me to sleep.
  • Wash curtains in addition to Spring Cleaning the entire house. I kinda completed this one...the entire upstairs, kitchen, and bathroom were thoroughly Spring Cleaned. I haven't washed the downstairs curtains yet because I haven't done the walls and Willow is still here.
  • Find Willow a new home. It's still not a good situation with Willow, but she is still with us. Her owner is in Japan, and I feel bad with all that has been happening. I have no idea when she will be leaving us.
  • Plant flowers. I didn't want to do this before mulching, and that just happened yesterday. I was, however, pleasantly surprised that some plants I planned last year which I thought were annuals came back this year, so that's less I have to plant.
  • Mulch the flower beds.  Thank you brother in law for doing this yesterday for me.
  • Begin Container Garden.  I technically did not do this, but we decided we are not going to do this right now. I bought the containers and was looking at plants, but then we heard of a CSA down the street from my parents house, and we have joined that insteard. We're really excited about that.
  • Re-make Easter Egg Wreath. I thought about doing this, but then I ran out of hot glue. And I'm not sure that's how I want to do this. So it's all still in the bag.
  • Re-make cork wreath. Accomplished sometime during Spring Break. I don't remember when exactly.
So then, what are my goals for the month of May? Good question. My first goal is to get through this month. It's going to be crazy busy. There's a lot going on at work, with my both my "regular" job and my part time one, I have a couple social engagements coming up, and there's a lot with my family. None bad-just a lot going on. I'll have to think a little more about 1) what I want to get accomplished and 2) what is realistic to get accomplished. 

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