Friday, July 19, 2013

Post-Partum-Week 5

Another week has passed, and I hate to say it, it's had one pretty big fails. 

Fail #1-Milk blisters. Ow, OW, OW! My nipples are friggin killing me this week. I have milk blisters on both sides. I cannot even explain the excruciating pain. 

Fail #2-Blow out. This starts off sounding like a win-we're starting to fit into our one size diapers. Woohoo! 

Except that I forgot to adjust the rise on a Charlie Banana pocket diaper. When I was feeding him at Buy Buy Baby in their lovely feeding room, he pooped...and it all came sliding out of the diaper and onto my lap and the chair. I had to send the hubs 2 doors down to buy me a pair of yoga pants Old Navy. I put Jack in his back up outfit-a sleeper-which he apparently has just outgrown. Jack was not pleased with his uncomfortable outfit, which resulted in a new outfit, complete with cape. 

And, I had the mortifying job of informing the employees they had a shitty chair to clean up. Lovely. 

Fail #3- I'm down only 1lb. This should be a win, but the fail is more that I didn't track, and, while my habits were improved, I still didn't do as well as I would have liked. And bathing suit shopping was successful this week, but not fun. 

Fail #4-Jack hates to nap on the afternoon. Fights it like crazy, and just wants to nurse and cry. I'm more than apply to let him nurse if he's hungry, but don't use me to avoid sleeping when you're obviously exhausted. He has started napping better in the swing, and we had an awesome nap in the Moby wrap while I vacuumed yesterday. 

In other news, Jack's outgrown about half of his newborn clothes. I'm constantly in awe of how big he's getting. Last night he slept a 4.5 hour stretch, which was amazing. And Saturday night, he was well behaved for Ellen, who watched him while we say Paul McCartney in DC. Tomorrow night Jack's grandfather is baby sitting so we can go see fun. Let's hope that goes just as well.  We're starting to fall into a rhythm (definitely not a schedule), so that is helping some at home. Just in time for us to through everything off by going out of town for a week and a half. 

And just for fun, here's more of Jack. 


KT said...

OMG -- the naked one of Jack with his butt up in the air is hee-lariously cute!

Rachel said...

Miss Hope, I nominated you for a blog award: