Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jack-5 Months

 Disclaimer...This post really and truly was written Nov. 14, 2013; however, I couldn't get to some of the pictures I wanted, so I was delayed (almost 3 weeks) in posting. Oops.

OK, this has gotten ridiculous...The past three posts have all been Jack monthly updates and nothing else. I am embarrassed for me. It seems that our house has been under the weather a lot, and busy, of course. I'd like to think things are going to slow down soon, but I'm kinda dreading the next month. Too much going-I don't think I have a weekend off until Christmas.

It also doesn't help that Jack is getting more and more fun, which makes it harder to spend the little time I get with him at the computer. As a matter of fact, right now, typing is taking twice as long because little man wants to be in my lap and is grabbing for my fingers.

During this month, we celebrated Jack's first Halloween. He, of course, went dressed as  a "Jack"-o-lantern. Dad had a football game on actual Halloween, so I took him trick-or-treating with my neice and nephew. The night before Halloween, we went up to his babysitter's house to go through their huge Halloween display. I'm sure you're going to think we're especially crazy for some of the pictures we took.

You've also started playing in your Step 'n' Play Piano-which you loooooove. The first time I put you in it, I showed you a few things and you just watched. Now you play with it all by yourself, constantly discovering new ways to make noise. you're still a little short for it, but we put a pillow under your feet and don't leave you in there for too long.

We got the chance to go see Daddy's band perform at their state assessment. It was ridiculously cold and windy, but we bundled you up and the cold didn't seem to bother you. You loved to watch the marching bands perform-you were extremely attentive.

In other firsts, you had your first shopping trip with your grandma, aunt, and myself. We were gone all day long-literally 8:30AM-5PM. You were so awesome, and came home with some pretty cute stuff.

Weight: 14.5 lbs

Length: 24.5ish in
Head Circumference: I didn't quite get this one done...

Clothing: 3-6 month. There are a few sleepers in a brand that tends to run on the small side that I would imagine you're going to outgrow them soon and move on to 6-9 month. Everything else you have plenty of room in.
Hair:  Brown, with some lighter highlights coming in.
Eyes: Brown, almost a clear amber.
Sleep: You were doing so well! Sleeping through the night at leas t75% of the time for the last 2-3 weeks, then bam! this week has sucked. The last two nights you were up every two hours. I feel certain your gums are bothering you-we'll probably see some new teeth within the next week, 
Nicknames: Your father has suddenly become French and is calling you "Le Jacques." I still with Jackie Doodle.

Milestone: Tummy time is getting more and more adventurous. You're constantly trying to get up on your knees. We made the prediction you would be crawling by Christmas. I'll be anxious to see if that is the case. It's definitely plausible. You are starting to sit up unassisted. You rolled from your back to your tummy one time, but we think it was just a fluke. You are also officially sleeping unswaddled. You have to have a (wearable) blanket, but you're free to move all around in it.

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