Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jack-6 months!

I'm not going to lie, month 6 has sucked. Not so much that you, Jack, have been problematic, but it's been a crazy hectic time. I honestly feel that we haven't had a moment to sit still since before Thanksgiving. I've been in rehearsal for not one, not two, but three shows, and your father has been focusing on his concert. Busy is an understatement. We've been so lucky, though, that you just go with the flow. You love the evenings you spend at home with Dad, or the times you spend with your Grandma while I'm in rehearsal.

You're starting to show more and more of your personality. I think we're in for it when you get older-you already seem to be quite charismatic, charming, and a bit of a stinker. You sometimes play around when you know you should be doing something else. You're stubborn and strong willed, but given your parents, it's not surprising. You also love your dogs. You love when they come to visit you, and you're awesome at petting them gently.

Weight: 15 lb 2 oz (15%)
Length: 26 inches (20%)
Head Circumference: 16.75 in (10%)

Clothing: 3-6 month. We've packed up a few 3-6 month sleepers that are snug lengthwise, and one overall outfit, but most things we still have plenty of room in. Which is a relief, because all your Christmas outfits are 6 month. I'd hate to have to buy some bigger stuff all the sudden.
Hair:  Brown
photo credit: Beth Manning Photography
Eyes: Brown
Sleep: Sucks. Last week, you were doing 45 minute stretches at night and that was it. Your naps were fine, but your night time sleep was out of control. In the past couple of nights, we've gotten back to 4-5 hour stretches, but we haven't made it back to sleeping through the night yet.

Nicknames: Le Jack (Jacques), Jackie Doodle, and Jack Attack, as well as Stinker. You're a huge stinker, especially where sleep is concerned.
Milestone: You're sitting up like a champ! Sometimes, though, you refuse to sit down, you just want to stand. I still believe you are not going to crawl for long, you're going to want to walk as soon as possible. Speaking of crawling, none yet, but you're very strong and trying had to get on to your hands and knees. You still haven't rolled from your back to belly, but I truly believe it's for lack of want, not ability.

This week you had your first sample of solid food: banana! I'm not sure much made it into your mouth...most of if you just played with. You also tried your first taste of sweet potato fries on gummed your way through one and sucked the inside of it out. You were quite proud of yourself.

You've also become very interested in cups...especially coffee mugs and wine glasses.

You also had your first Thanksgiving, which you loved spending down at Holden Beach, and we kicked off the Christmas season with your first visit to see Santa.

We went to see the Legendary Santa at the Richmond Children's Museum, the same one your mommy and aunt saw when we were kids back at Miller and Rhodes. It was a a magical moment.

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