Friday, April 9, 2010

To Do List For Break

Way back in January I created a list of things to do over my spring break. Given that I am hosting a baby shower in a week, I've had great inspiration this week.So here was my list from January, plus some additions

To Do:
  • Get Bi-fold Doors for the Laundry Room back on track -Done 3/14
  • Spackle and paint bathroom from former towel rack- Done 2/27
  • Spackle and paint kitchen ceiling from former kitchen light- Done 2/27
  • Paint interior doors and trim (esp door to the garage) Downstairs doors and trim done 4/9
  • Paint Powder Room (Love the color, it just needs to be touched up A LOT)- I wonder if there is enough left over from the guest bedroom to just do it the same color...hmmm... Done 4/8 in Lemon Ice 
  • Get Guest Bedroom Doors on Track (Stuggled with, still not done)
  • Get plywood cover for the crawlspace to the attic
  • Weed Done 4/9
  • Flowers- Mail Box, Baker's Rack, Hanging Baskets, Deck Baskets Done 4/9
  • Lowe's (Light Switch, Plywood)
  • Paint Baby Blocks for Shower DecorationsDone 4/9
  • Make Banner
Some of these things I'm on my way to the store to get the supplies to finish up, including cardboard for the banner, plywood for the crawlspace, and a new light switch for the family room. Over all, not bad for a week's work. 

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