Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Rabbit I Am Not

My darling husband had a hankering for a mojito tonight. (Personally, I think it was the free muddler that came with the bottle of Bicardi we bought earlier this week that he wanted to play with.) We went out to the store earlier today, and he picked up some fresh mint...only to get home and find out we had no soda water and no limes. Back to the store we went.

We get home (with goodies to make home made ice cream, too), and he goes hard to work in the kitchen. Now I will be the first one to tell you that while I know the ingredients that go in a mojito, I don't know the proportions. And I really don't care to. I will never ever ever go out of my way to make one for myself, but since the hubs was so excited about, I felt the need to enjoy one with him.

He proudly presented me with his concoction, and I couldn't help but grimmace a bit. All I could see was leaves and pulp. Ick. It took me about 30 minutes of itty bitty sips before I realized this was ridiculous. I hate floaty things in my drinks. As a kid, I would put ice cubes in my orange juice to attract the pulp so I didn't have to feel little feathers in my mouth. I felt horrible doing this to a drink that the hubs was so proud of, but I had to go find a strainer in the kitchen and rid myself of the leaves. I am not a rabbit-I will not take leaves in my drink.

And, you know, once I got rid of that excess stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed it.The hubs can make a damn fine drink when he wants to.

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