Monday, December 27, 2010

Rene Barbier Mediterrean White

Wine: Rene Barbier Mediterrean White
Store:  Trader Joe's
Price: $4.99 (???)

" crisp , dry, and lightly refreshing. Serve chilled as an apertifi or as a wonderful complement to seafood, summer salads, pasta, poultry, or shellfish."

First of all, I know I promised I would back after marching season was over, but alas, I lied-inadvertently. I haven't done a lot of drinking lately and I've been sticking to a lot of wine that I already know. I thought I had previously blogged about this wine, but alas, I have not, so here we go...getting this thing started up again for the new year.

My memories of this wine are nicer than what I am actually experiencing. First of all, it is definitely more of a spring wine, and we are in the midst of a snow storm. What can I say. At first taste, this has a very fruity, citrus-y taste. The after taste, however, has quite an acidic bite. This wine would probably be best enjoyed with a light chicken, pork, or fish dish, but alas, I'm attempting to enjoy this as an evening prior to dinner drink. It's okay, but there are certainly other wines that would suffice better.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars...I'll reassess in the summer to see if I like it better with foods from the grill.

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