Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Before 30

My 30th Birthday is looming in the distance...Well, it's 526 days away. I have had some issues with aging over the last few years. I felt fat, my skin looks like a teenage mess, my job was not where I wanted it to be, and my personal life left much to be desired.

Things are starting to turn around, though. As I posted before, I'm getting my weight under control. It's not perfect yet, but I'm feeling better about my progress. I have a plan for my face, and if that is not better in a few months, then I'm going back to my doctor again. In this economy, there is only so much I can do about changing my job, but I  have changed my outlook on it, and I am finding that being happier in general is having a positive effect on my personal life. So things are looking up for me.

In light of all this, I have decided to start a 30 before 30 list. Lists of these sorts are so trendy and popular right now-I resisted for a long time, but I really like the idea of embracing my 30th birthday and celebrating with new challenges or things that I just have been putting off.

1. Go on Vacation. It doesn't have to be exotic, but it has to be for fun, with the hubs, and spend at least 2 nights in a hotel. Staying with family does not count.
2. Come to grips with whether or not we want children, and if we do want them, a plan for when we might want to start trying.
3. Read 8 books before now and then. Yes, the ones I am currently in the midst of count.
4. Wear a two piece bathing suit.
5. Attend a dance intensive without students.
6. Have organized closets that stay that way.
7. Find a signature hair cut/style.
8. Start a vegetable garden.
9. Lose Weight. (91 lbs to be exact.)
10. Apply to grad school.
11. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it for at least 2 weeks. Modify what doesn't work and stick to it for at least another month.
12. Try 4 new local restaurants (no chains!)
13. Try being vegetarian for a week.
14. Buy a houseplant-and don't let it die.
15. Organize jewelry.
16. Go to the zoo.
17. Complete JL's tshirt quilt.
18. Complete SD's onesie quilt.
19. Try at least 3 new craft projects.
20. Take a real yoga class.
21. Go Hiking.
22. Have a reunion with at least 2 friends from college.
23. Sing at to Karaoke.
24. Go to a Wax Museum.
25. Update Resume
26. Take new, good head shots.
27. Create a jazz dance syllabus.
28. Write an original children's ballet to correspond with the VA SOLs.
29. Pay off Credit Card.
30. Sex. Let's just leave it at that.

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