Monday, January 2, 2012

Our New Addition

So this year, when we went up to the in-laws, we ended up bringing home an unusual gift. I'm excited to introduce to you Miss Velma Kelly.

Velma, originally named Molly, was a stray found by my brother in law. Turns out he couldn't keep her, and well, I'm a sucker for sweet faces.  Her name comes from Bebe Neuwirth's character in the musical Chicago, one of my all time favorite musicals.

She's a super sweetheart...approximately 1 year old black lab mix. Clean bill of health from the vet.

She and Sassy get along very well...and she has even learned that the cat is a force to be reckoned with. 

The one downside: She is currently in heat. I'm not such a fan of dealing with this, and as soon as she is through with this and it is safe, someone is getting spayed. 

I've been wanting a second dog for a long time, and we are so excited that we happened into this situation and were able to take on Velma. 

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