Tuesday, July 10, 2012

30 Before 30 update...again.

So here I am, 30. In my quest of attempting to accomplish 30 things before I turned 30, I think I was relatively successful. Some of my ideas were rather lofty, and other were just silly. There are a few things I am disappointed I don't have completed yet, but I think I have a better idea of how to get them accomplished. So...here's what I did.

1. Go on Vacation. It doesn't have to be exotic, but it has to be for fun, with the hubs, and spend at least 2 nights in a hotel. Staying with family does not count. (June 30-July 2, stayed in Charlotte, NC and then met up with the hubs family at the beach for 2 days; June 29- July 5, 2012, Tour of New England)
2. Come to grips with whether or not we want children, and if we do want them, a plan for when we might want to start trying.
3. Read 8 books between now and then. Yes, the ones I am currently in the midst of count. (Poisonwood Bible 2/6/11; Water for Elephants 7/3/11; Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom 3/12/2012;   Dancing on My Grave 5/27/2012; Taking Charge of Your Fertility 5/27/2012 ; still working on Apollo's Angels and The Last Romanov; accomplished if you count the two I'm reading now)
4. Wear a two piece bathing suit. (Tankini purchased May 28, 2011; wore all summer 2011.Will try to embrace a real two piece in 2012.)
5. Attend a dance intensive without students. (Didn't happen, there have not been many available, but I did attend some with students.)
6. Have organized closets that stay that way. (organized on April 4- Still working as of July 10, 2012)
7. Find a signature hair cut/style. (New hair cut June 24, 2011)
8. Start a vegetable garden. (Joined a CSA May 2011...not the same, but certainly is good for increasing our vegetable intake. Maybe we'll grow some of our next summer. No such luck this summer, but I count it was accomplished. )
9. Lose Weight. (91 lbs to be exact.) (Met my goal as of December 15, gained some back during Christmas)
10. Apply to grad school.(After much soul searching, I decided this isn't the route I want to go.)
11. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it for at least 2 weeks. Modify what doesn't work and stick to it for at least another month. (I've worked on the schedule part-have not been able to keep it. Still experimenting. Downloaded HomeRoutines App on 7/18/11, set up a schedule for cleaning zones as well as daily and weekly tasks.)
12. Try 4 new local restaurants (no chains!) (Soprano's Pizza 6.12.2011; On our Charlotte Vacation we only ate at 2 chain places: Buffalo Wild Wings (it was late, and convenient when we got to the hotel) and Sheetz on the way back; ) Tuscanny Italian Ristorante for dinner tonight, 7.10.2011; Revisited the Surrey House Restaurant for the first time in at least 20 years 7.16.2011; Tried the Japanese place in Yorktown; Cinco de Mayo in Yorktown)
13. Try being vegetarian for a week.
14. Buy a houseplant-and don't let it die. (Received an Orchid on 2.14.2011; Dead by the end of May 2011; Received a second Orchid for Christmas-died before Valentine's. I think this one is doomed.I know have 2 peace lilies from my grandmother's funeral that I am working on)
15. Organize jewelry. (Completed 2.12.2011)
16. Go to the zoo. (Planned to go 7.10.2012, but weather prevented it. Definitely going later in the summer.)
17. Complete JL's tshirt quilt. (Not accomplished, goal is to be complete by Christmas.)
18. Complete SD's onesie quilt.(Not accomplished, goal is to be complete by his birthday in August.)
19. Try at least 3 new craft projects. (Jewelry Organizer Completed 2.12.2011; attempting some jewelry making 6.28.11; Citronella Wine torches 7.7.2012)
20. Take a real yoga class. (Know where to go, just need to actually go.)
21. Go Hiking.(Completed on 4.23.2011)
22. Have a reunion with at least 2 friends from college (Matt: April 28; Courtney July 1-2)
23. Sing at a Karaoke. (Completed at Tarra's Wedding, 6.30.2012)
24. Go to a Wax Museum. (Lame-o one in Salem, MA, 7.3.2012)
25. Update Resume
26. Take new, good head shots.
27. Create a jazz dance syllabus. (Began June 2011. Working with some preliminary information found online, trying some of it out on our students and then adjusting as appropriate. Still incomplete, goal is to finish by the end of the summer.)
28. Write an original children's ballet to correspond with the VA SOLs.(Still a professional goal, but I am having some many issues with where to start. This will happen eventually.)
29. Pay off Credit Card.(Worked on it, not complete)
30. Sex. Let's just leave it at that. Check.

21 out of 30 complete, 5 with definitely plans of completion, 4 looming in the future.

Not too bad...although I had really hoped some of these would be complete.

Other New Experiences
1. Attended Minor League Hockey Game - 2/18/2011
2. Visited NYC on Band Trip-not necessarily new, but it was with the hubster! 4/28-29
3. NASCAR Hall of Fame and 4 different race shops/museums - 6/30-7/2
4. Surry County Peanut, Pork, and Pine Festival- not completely new,  but I hadn't been there since I was 3. I also tried a new food-pork taquitos from a local restaurant (Bubbas'n'Franks in Carrollton, VA). They were awesome-and very different.
5. Attended the Guinea Jubilee for the first time as an attendee, instead of with the marching band. (Not something I recommend). 9/24/2011

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KT said...

Whoo hoo -- you did GREAT!!!! Keep up the good work & happy birthday.