Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation Recap1: Kennebunkport, ME

A dear friend I work with came to me with exciting news last August: she was getting Maine! Her family is from that area, and her mother offered to take care of all the details, so my friend said, sure, why not. I had never been up to New England, so I was excited to make this trip our vacation for the summer.

We left on Friday, June 29. After much hemming and hawing over how to get to the airport, we decided it would be easiest to drive up ourselves and leave it in economy parking. BEST DECISION EVER. As it turns out, things were crazy for my family, so it was much more convenient for everyone. Not to mention, $44 was not too bad for 6 days. We flew into Boston, MA, and went straight to the rental counter. We rented with Enterprise, and I had absolutely no complaints about the service at all.

An hour and a half later, we were checking into our motel. We stayed at the Lodge at Kennebunk, which was about 30 minutes outside of where the wedding was in Kennebunkport. I found the motel through Expedia, and I must say, I was quite happy, with our accommodations. First of all, I like it when I can honor a local business instead of a chain. The rooms were cute and clean, the bathrooms were a bit dated, but fully functional. There was also a small refrigerator and freezer in the room.  And my small, I don't mean a mini fridge or something you would seem in a dorm room. It was more like a full sized fridge that had been minimally shrunk to fit in a condo or motor home.There was no central air, but a window A/C unit. I later found out that this was pretty typical of some older places up there. The weather was cool, so we didn't turn it on...until we woke up hot in the middle of the night. Oops. The hotel also included continental breakfast and a pool, so there was little to complain about.

After getting ourselves settled in, we ventured down to Kennebunkport. The town is ridiculously cute-looks like something out of a post card. We spent most of our time hanging out by the river, visiting the little (tourist) shops. I am pleased to say the only money we spent, though, was on toiletry items we couldn't bring on the plane.
Kennebunkport, ME

From there, we headed on to the rehearsal dinner. The wedding was being held at a house that over looks the beach, with the ceremony on the back deck of the house. The entire setting was gorgeous. 
The beaches by the wedding location

Hi, Hubster!

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And what else do you have for dinner at a wedding rehearsal in Maine? Lobster. It was the first time I had cracked and peeled my own, but it was so delicious. Poor hubby couldn't enjoy it, though-he's allergic.

The next morning, I woke up bright and early with the first crack of dawn. There was, of course, a window that faced East in our room, and lucky for me, I was on that side of the bed. After  waiting about 2 hours for the hubster to get up, I called Federal Jacks Restaurant and Brewery to see if they were doing tours.  We had visited the giftshop yesterday, and we were already familiar with one or two of their beers, so we were hopeful to get a tour. No such luck. We did, however, go there for lunch, and got some delicious food and a beer sampler.

Lots o' Beer

The hubster and I-he hates pictures
From there, we headed back to motel's pool and then got ready for the wedding. The wedding was a fabulous time. Both the bride and groom are artists, and they made all the glass pieces on the tables. The setting was absolutely picturesque. The bride was gorgeous and we had an absolute blast. 


Man, that water was cold.
Did I mention there was Karaoke?

The Hubster looks a little happier here.

We were some dancin' fools.

 By the end of the evening, we were exhausted. It was a beautiful night-we were so happy to be able to share it with our friends. At the same time, we were also ready to move on to the next phase of our trip: Portsmouth, NH. 

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