Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation 2013-The Beach(es)

One of the blessings of Nick not teaching Summer School this year is the luxury spending our time when and where we like. Usually, we're lucky to go out of town for a couple days, but this year we were gone for 11 days. It was amazing.

The view out of window...no wonder we didn't go on the beach Thursday.

I manipulated my 6 week post partum appointment a few days early and as soon as I was cleared to resume all normal activities, we headed down to the Outer Banks to join my parents at their beach front condo. Unfortunately, they had to leave the next morning due to a business emergency, so we were left on our own. Thursday was cloudy and nasty, so we visited some shops and found some grub. And we had a little mishap where we wouldn't find the key to the condo. We searched everywhere-retraced everywhere we had been-only to find it in the bottom of the diaper bag. Oops.
You get to see the sunrise when you're up with a little one...

Friday brought better weather, so we headed down to the beach. The beach sucks when there are only two of you with a newborn. We couldn't go out in the water together, as someone had to stay with Jack. Hanging on the beach was relaxing, but I would have loved to get further than ankle deep in the water. I started out putting Jack in his baby bathtub on the beach (thank you, Pinterest!), but later we found he was just as content laying on a couple blankets on the sand. 

Saturday morning we packed up and trekked 6 hours further down the coast of North Carolina to Holden Beach to join Nick's family. Of course, we procrastinated on filling up, so we coasted through a wildlife refuge on fumes, holding our breath and crossing our fingers the whole time. Additionally, 6 week old babies require lots of stopping. 

We spent almost everyday down at the beach. This time we took turns watching Jack and going out in the water with our siblings, which was awesome. Additionally, we were surrounded with people who love Jack as much as we do, so there was always someone willing to watch him. 

We made a couple of outings down to Myrtle Beach...the first time, we were hoping to go to Margaritaville for dinner. 2.5 hour wait-no ma'am. So we ventured over to Planet Hollywood. I hopped out, in the rain, to get a table for 12 while Nick parked the car. Just as soon as I put our name on the list, I saw Nick walking up the stairs to the entrance-empty handed. I mouthed to him, "Where's the baby?"

"What?" With a shrug. 


"Oh, shit!" 

My husband left the baby in the car. Seriously. Who does that? Never mind, my husband. In his defense, it was cold, rainy, and Jack was in there about 2-3 minutes alone. Certainly not something I would encourage, but if you have to make that kind of mistake, I guess this was the best way. And I can promise you, he will never do it again. 

Jack's thoughts on the 2.5 hour wait.

Jack's first introduction to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Planet Hollywood.
But, on a happier note, I was able to send the week getting some of my physicality back. Bike rides, long walks, miniature gold, I was even convinced to lead a family Pilates class. It felt so good to start moving again-even if I ingested many more calories than I expended that week.
I'm a baby wearing pro! I even got 2 hole in ones that night.
Dad, however, got creative.
Family Yoga/Pilates/Stretch class...notice the little ones photo bombing.
Friday evening when we left it was bittersweet. We had a wonderful time, but I'm not sure we were ready to head back to the real world. The best part, though: we left at 8PM, made it home about 1:45AM, and only had to stop one time for Mr. Jack this time. Fabulous.

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