Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Williamsburg Winery Governor's White

Wine: Williamsburg Winery Governor's White
Store: Total (although, it's in all the local grocery stores and whatnot)

"A fresh, fruity semi-dry blend, perfect as an aperitif or with light fare. A wine for all seasons, this fruity wine is an excellent complement to seafood as well as ham, and light luncheon fare. Chilled, the wine will also be good company to cajun and other spicy cuisine."

Have I mentioned that I love local wines? Well, for me, you don't get much more local than this. The hubs and I went and toured the winery last spring. It's amazing to see something like this so close to us. We did the basic tasting, which was $8 for the tour, taste 7 different wines, and take home a nifty souvenir glass. It was a lot of fun. This wine I actually fell in love with well before that tasting-a friend recommended it to me for making white sangria (yummy). It's great as sangria, but I also really enjoy drinking it as is.

The description says it's a wine for all seasons, but it is a little light for the winter. (I also prefer reds during the winter, anyway.) It is the perfect combination of fruity-sweetness and dry-ness. It has a nice smooth finish with a slight hint of acidity. The bouquet is not too overwhelming, although I must admit I'm a bit congested right now and not in a good place to really describe it. Overall, this has become my favorite basic white wine.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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