Monday, December 28, 2009

The Christmas Wish List Revisited

I don't usually make lists, but since I did this year, I thought I'd revisit it. I cannot believe how generous my family was this year. But to start off on a negative note, here's what I didn't get.

A monogrammed wine stopper.
I thought this was a shot in the dark. When I didn't receive it, I thought, "Well, I'll just buy it myself." No such luck. 2 BB&B were sold out of my letter...but I found a really cute one in Wegman's. I was so excited I had to buy one for myself and one for my mother in law.

Elements to go with my Fontanini Nativity scene. They're expensive, but my Nativity is really special to me...I wish I had more pieces, but I guess I'll just have to get them myself.

An Electric Tart Warmer and Yankee Candle Wax Tarts. While I didn't receive any tarts or a tart warmer, my in-laws did give me a yummy French Vanilla Jar Candle. I can retire my tarts for a while in honor of that.

Bath and Body Works Foaming Antibacterial Hand Wash. I'll have to hit Bath and Body works during their semi-annual sale.

LLBean Ultra Absorbent Monogrammed Towel. No towel this year. I guess I'll have to get one myself if I want to make it a pair.

So here's what I did get

Shiatsu Neck Massager.
My aunt got me a Shiatsu pillow, which is fabulous. My neck has really been sore and it's helped it out a lot! My mom got me an actual neck massager, too, so I'm in style this year.

Fuzzy, Comfy Socks. The hubs finally did a stocking for me this year for the first time ever, and he put these in there. Woohoo!

Victoria's Secret Sleepover Flannel Pajamas in Red Stars. The hubs attempted to order these, but they were sold out. *Sigh* I thought I would have to get another style sometime later. Mom came through, though, and while the red ones were sold out, she got me the white ones with blue stars and matching slippers. I'm so excited to put them on tonight.

A Nice Travel Coffee Mug. My cousin's wife drew my name in the Secret Santa Exchange we do, and she got this exact mug, but in emerald green. It's lovely...and she put it together with a basket of Lindt and Ghiradeli chocolates and a sampling of Starbucks hot chocolate. So thoughtful...and yummy.

Wizard of Oz Pez Dispensers. Mom and Dad came through for this one. I was soooooo excited to open these up this morning.

Cuisinart Gourmet Griddler...the hubs and I went ahead and bought this for ourselves. We just couldn't pass up the deal on it. My parents also couldn't pass us the deal either...the one we purchased will be going back to the store

Other Gifts:

The hubster got me a iBook G4. Yes, it is a used old school iBook, but it is actually perfect for what I need. Now I won't have to lug my work computer home and deal with the eccentricities of that any more in my personal life.

The hubs also got me a warming electric throw blanket. I had one a few years ago that got ruined, so I'm so excited to have one again. I'm constantly freezing and love to be bundled up. The hubs knows me well. My parents also got me one, which makes the hubs happy as now we can both curl up in one.

My in-laws were super generous. In addition to the aforementioned candle, they also gave us some cute ornaments, Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Lotion and Body Wash, and a Fossil make up bag along with a gift card to Dunkin Donuts.

My 4 month old nephew gave me a cute magnetic frame that says "I Love My Aunt." But who am I kidding, it was really from my sister. A four month old doesn't do much shopping.

And finally, my parents gave me a cute ornament of a train, in honor of a favorite Christmas song of mine.

I cannot believe how generous my husband and our families were to us. Gifts aside, it has been a spectacular Christmas, and when you add them back in, it was a Christmas waaaaaaaay beyond expectations.

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