Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A bit weak at the knees...

It's been a while my friends...and I'm sorry to inform you that tonight's post has nothing to do with wine or other such alcohol. It has nothing to do with entertaining or my house. It has to do with the sad, sad situation I experienced at school today. It's a bit gross, so if you're faint of heart, stop reading now.

I have never given blood before because I usually have something physical going on.That was not the case today, so I signed up.

I was very nervous when I went in, but that's normal. As they are taking my blood, at some point it switched over from a nervous stomach to be nauseous and light headed. Next thing I knew, I had to vomit. They get this huge bag thing which proceeded to heave into, and start to feel better. I sit there a few more minutes, and realize they are cleaning something off the floor. I'm thinking I didn't realize that I had been that violent with it...but it was blood. They were changing the bag when I got sick, and ended up spilling blood all over the floor.

So I get myself together, go get some juice and snacks...and I start to feel really bad again. A kind nurse asks if I am OK, and I replied, "No." The world was getting dark and all sounds were getting so far away. Two nurses help me back to the "recovery room" which is really a mat on the floor and a partition. I pretty much pass out as they are helping me back there. All I know is the world got very dark, and had they not been helping me I would have ended up flat on the floor.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that students were watching the whole thing as it was a school blood drive?

And the absolute best part is they had to throw my blood as it was contaminated when it spilled. I went through all that for nothing. I will never ever ever give blood voluntarily again.

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