Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 29

How far along? 29 weeks

How big is baby? An acorn or butternut squash-2.5 lbs and 15-16 inches long

Total weight gain/loss: I'm just going to come clean. I don't remember what I weighed last week The only way I can accurately keep track if my weight is to post my actual weight. I hate this, but maybe it'll help keep me honest. At the beginning of last summer, I was at 162. I was not good at maintaining over the summer, and by the time I went for my first OB appointment, I was up to 170. I consider that to be my pre-pregnancy weight. At the dr office, I was up to 214 (clothed in the afternoon). This morning (nude and before eating anything), I was 211.3. Given my weight fluctuations, that seems about right. So my total weight gain is about 40 lbs-as much as I had hoped to gain total, and I have 11 weeks left to go. *sigh* I'm so unhappy with this, but starving all the time. I'm trying to focus on veggies and lean meats, but sometimes I just don't feel satisfied. And when people comment on how good I look, or that I've managed my weight gain so well, they mean it as a compliment, but it stings because I know the truth. 

Maternity clothes? I got some new capris last weekend-I can't wait for it to get warm enough to actually wear them. I'm on the hunt for another cheap maxi skirt and a midi skirt, too. 

Sleep: this week sucked. I did better if I could hold off and go to bed later, but if I get up to go to the the bathroom, the dogs often think they need to go out, too. Friday night I woke up with most horrible Charlie horses in both calves. I don't remember what I said, but I yelled out and could not get them to release. They are still tight and sore. 

Best moment this week: Lots of packages! I got some pre owned diapers in the mail, as well as the shams I ordered for the day bed in the nursery. The nursery artwork I ordered came in digitally on Friday, so once I can get them printed and hung, expect another post on the nursery. 

Movement: Very active. I've definitely felt him roll over, at least from side to side. I'm not certain what position he is in, but occasionally he likes to stick a foot or an arm into my OB cage, providing a little discomfort and a lot of trouble breathing. 

Food Cravings: None so much this week, unless you count wanting to eat bananas.

Food Aversions: See above. 

Gender: Boy. 

Labor Signs: None, but at our appointment this week, we got the paperwork on what to look for and when to call the Dr. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: My eyes were back to being particularly bad this week. My sense of smell is out of control. And the peeing-oh the peeing!

Belly Button in or out? In, but I'm starting to question if its going to stay that way. 

What I miss: Being able to get out of bed normally, instead of rolling. 

What I am looking forward to: Finishing the nursery. Getting more fluff mail this week (Tuesday, hopefully). Baby showers. 

Upcoming appointments/events: I should have my Glucose Tolerance Test results by Monday afternoon. I'm certain I failed, so I am anxious to get that back. 

Milestones: Just taking my GTT. Hitting the place where my OB wanted to make sure I understood about preterm labor and whatnot. Stuff just got real. 

I swear, my boobs are tiny compared to my bump. I need to start belting or something under my bust in order to look mor "normal." And since I refuse to wear maternity clothes, shirt is ON Maternity, sweater NY&Company, and my jeans are also NY&Company, added by Ingrid & Isabel's BellaBand. 

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