Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 26

How far along? 26 weeks

How big is baby? A head of lettuce or an English Cucumber. 

Total weight gain/loss: I'm going to weigh in tomorrow. I forgot again this morning. 

EDIT: Monday, March 4...up 1.3 from last week. I was hoping to have maintained a little bit. *sigh*

Maternity clothes? This week I gave in and wore more maternity pants. Most of the pants I ave are hand me downs. Some fit ok, others are just too big in the waist and too short. 

Sleep: This week I've had a few nights if struggling, but I truly think I would have had issues if I weren't pregnant. 

Best moment this week: Spring Cleaned our bedroom, bathroom, and upstairs hallway! This might sound silly,  but I've been kinda freaking out over getting my house cleaned before baby arrives. If I hadn't been so exhausted by the end of it, I probably would have done the other bathroom upstairs. (Considering I had a 3 hour rehearsal that morning, I still think I did pretty good.)

Movement: I think I felt the hiccups this week. It seemed to. E pretty rhythmic, so we're going to assume that is what it was. 

Food Cravings: Fish, particularly a greasy fried fish sandwich or a tuna melt. 

Food Aversions: Same old, same old....bananas. 

Gender: Boy. 

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks have not really been around this week.

Pregnancy Symptoms: My eyes still suck, both in my vision and in being dry. I was told on 3 or 4 seep rate occasions, though, that I was glowing this week. I think I was happy to no longer feel completely rundown with sinus/allergy crap. 

Belly Button in or out? In. (Please just stay in Belly Button. I have no idea why I care so much about this,)

What I miss: Tequila. Don't judge. I had a Virgin Margarita at a Mexican Restaurant the other night, and it truly sucked. I love a good margarita. 

What I am looking forward to: The calm of knowing I have very thing ready to go for baby. What's that you say? It's a pipe dream? Ok, then I loom forward to the 3-4 weeks I have of solitude and boredom when I stop working 2 weeks before my EDD and the baby comes late. Everyone is so worried he will come early and impact performances, they are jinxing his arrival. 

Upcoming appointments/events: Glucose test and 28 week appointment is March 21. Then we start going every 2 weeks. 

Milestones: Double Digits! We're down to 98 days before EDD. Seems unreal. This year has flown, and I think it's going to just get worse. (And then slow down ridiculously.)

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