Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just a week and a half...

I have so much to do around my house, and the first big break of the year coming up-Thanksgiving. The best part is I work this week, have the weekend off, then work two days and have five days off. So if I can just make it through this week, I'll be good to go. Of course, no time off is complete with out a list of things to do. I can guarantee I won't get it all finished, but hopefully with a list, I'll stay focused.

Fix the track of the guest bedroom closet
Fix Laundry Closet Door
File Paperwork
Clean up Guest Bedroom closet
Clean wine stain off the ceiling (don't ask)
Put up a towel rack in master bathroom
Clean up yard

So here we the course of a week and a half, how much of this can I get accomplished?

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