Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Old Wives Tales

I've been obsessing or the last couple weeks over whether we're having a boy or a girl. I can't make up my mind which I'd prefer. I took to the Internet to see what the ancients think I'm having. Here's a list of old wives tales I've found regarding the sex of the baby...and my responses to them...

#1. If you are moody, you are having a girl because of all the extra female hormones.  
-I think I've been pretty good about this. I've been moody and cranky lastly, but I think that's more because I've been sick. Verdict: Boy

#2. It's a girl if your left breast is larger than your right breast. It's a boy if your right breast is larger than your left breast.
-No did discernable difference. 

#3. Dark nipples are signs of a son.
-No change, and they're definitely not dark. Verdict: Girl

#4. If you eat garlic and the odor seeps out of your pores, then you're having a boy. 
-It doesn't seep out of my pores...but it does seep out. Verdict: Boy

#5. If your urine is bright yellow, it's a boy. A dull yellow means a girl.
-Depends on the day and time. I thought this was more dependent upon how much water you drank...

#6. If you experience heartburn or indigestion during pregnancy your baby will have a full head of hair.
-I have never had heartburn in my life. I would be surprised, however, if our baby came out bald given the hair we both had as babies. 

#7. No morning sickness, it’s a boy.  A girl if you were sick or nauseous during your pregnancy.
-No vomiting, but I did have morning sickness during first trimester. Verdict: Girl

#8. A heart rate over 140 beats per minute(bpm), it's a girl. A boy's heart beat is slower. 
-Both visits with the Doppler have been in the 150s and 160s. Verdict: Girl

#9. If you crave salty foods it's a boy. If you crave sweets then it's a girl. 
-Yummmmm...chocolate. Verdict: Girl

#10. If you eat the ends of bread, it’s a boy. If you eat the middle of the loaf, it’s a girl.
-I never eat the ends! That's for the dogs. Verdict: Girl

#11. If dad gains weight, it's a girl. If his weight stays the same, it's a boy.
-He feels like he has, but I think it's been because of traveling and the holidays. Verdict: Boy

#12. It's a girl if you get acne due to the increased levels of the female charged hormones. A girl steals her mother’s beauty.
-My face is a perpetual pizza. Verdict: Girl

#13. If the linea nigra stops at the belly button, it's a girl. If the linea nigra goes all the way to the bottom of the rib cage, it's a boy. 
-It hasn't developed yet.

#14. You got dry hands; it's a boy.
-No real issues with this. Verdict: Girl

#15. More hair on your legs than normal, count on a boy. 
-I actually feel like I've had less hair than previously! Verdict: Girl

#16. If your nose gets bigger and wider, expect a boy.
-No change. Verdict: Girl

#17. If your nose swells, it's a girl. Same pre-pregnancy nose, it's a boy.
-Isn't this essentially the same thing as above? Same answer, different verdict: Boy. 

#18. If your face swells and gets rounder, it's a girl. Long and narrow face, a boy.
-Surprisingly, my face has not changed much in shape or size. Verdict: Boy.

#19. Cold feet, a boy. 
-I've always had cold feet. Verdict: Boy

#20. If your legs get really big, means a boy. If your legs stay in shape and lean, a girl.
- My thighs have expanded, but that's where I always store extra weight. Verdict: Boy.

#21. If you find yourself clumsier with pregnancy, it's a boy.
#22. If you remain grounded and still in control of your body, it's a girl.
-I have been tripping over my own feet more lately. Verdict: Boy. 

#23. If you're carrying low, it's a boy. If you're carrying high, it's a girl.
-I have been told I'm carrying high. I don't disagree. Verdict: Girl

#24. If you're carrying in front, it's a boy. All around your middle, it's a girl.
-I think it's all around my middle, from the little bit I can tell. Verdict: Girl.

 #25. Loop your wedding ring in a piece of thread and let it dangle over your belly. If the rings swings in a back and forth motion, it's a girl. If the ring moves in a circular motion, paint the room blue. 
-Very clear and distinct circle. Verdict: Boy. 

#26. If you hold a necklace over your hand and it swings back and forth, it's a boy. A circular moving necklace, stock up on the pink.
-Starts circular, although eventually goes to a back and forth motion. The circular pathway lasts longer. Verdict: Girl

#27. When asked to show your hands and you immediately show your palm, it's a girl. Palm down = a boy. 

-I always do palm up. Verdict: Girl.

#28. If a toddler shows interest in you, you are having the opposite sex of the toddler. For example, a girl toddler expresses interest in you means you are having a boy.

-The toddler I see most is my nephew and he loves cousin's daughter loves me, too, though. I cannot answer this unbiased. 

#29. Chinese Gender Chart.
-It's very complicated, but I played around with it...Verdict: Girl. 

So, based on this oh so scientific study of old wives tales, it looks like we're having a girl! There are 14 that point to girl, 9 that point to boy, and 5 that either point to both, neither, or I am not in a position to figure it out yet. I guess we'll see soon enough which it actually is...

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LeeAnn said...

I've never had heartburn in my life until the last few weeks of pg. It lasted a few weeks after birth. Blah.