Monday, January 7, 2013

Strollers 'R Us

I admit it, I can be a little obsessive about things from time to time. Since the summer, I have been doing a far amount of stroller window shopping. My requirements were not much, just a lightweight, non-ginormous stroller that could be used fom infancy to toddlerhood, costing less than $200. I first looked at the Joovy Scooter, which I still love, but have never seen in person. I refuse to buy something so important sight unseen. Then I read about the Chicco Liteway. It seemed great-awesome reviews, even took my niece to Babes 'R Us to check it out. Perfection, except it didn't have the added convenience of being able to plop the infant bucket seat into it if necessary. I was torn if that was really important. After nannying my niece when she was 6 -12 weeks old, I got a pretty good feeling or newborn gear. I hated carrying around that car seat. In fact, i preferred to wear her in the moby wrap if the stroller was inconvenient. But...everyone says it's so great to not have to wake the baby up if they fall asleep in the car. 

Then, the heavens opened, and there was a solution: the Chicco 2-in-1 Liteway Plus, a variation of the stroller I had just looked at, except this one did take a car seat! Woohoo! The problem? It doesn't lay completely flat for a newborn and it didn't come available till sometime January 2013. Bummer. My obsession was on hold until I could see it. 

Babies R Us got in the the Chicco 2-in-1 Liteway  Plus this week, so I went to look at it. The hubs agreed to come look at it with me Friday night while we were out and about. Ironically, my sister called me to find out where I was, they had stopped by our house, and no one was home. They met us up at BRU and helped us test drive some strollers. We both decided we actually preferred the regular Liteway to the Plus, the hubs more for steering (which I agreed on), and I because it lays completely flat. Then the hubs and my brother-in-law starting playing with expensive strollers. (My niece and nephew looooved getting in a bunch of different strollers and being pushed around!) They eventually got around to the Baby Jogger City Mini. If we were going to put more money into a stroller, I thought this was what I wanted. The hubs agreed, he liked it, too. He started to get antsy, so I dismissed him to go next door to Best Buy while, my sister, the kids and I perused the store some more. 

Then it happened. There were several gear items on clearance at the back of the store. Pack n Plays, strollers, walkers...there was a Graco Snugrider Stroller Frame for $39 (originally $79.99), which, had I known what car seat we were getting, I would have picked up in  heartbeat. All clearance gear was also an extra 25% off. Then I saw it. 2011 Eggplant and Grey Baby Jogger City Mini. It was beautiful, but there was no tag. The salesgirl was right behind the display, so I asked her about it. She said yes, it was on clearance and applies for the extra percentage off, and that I would not believe the final price-she was just getting ready to put the sticker on. $109.90. Seriously? A stroller that had been selling recently for $199, was originally $239.99, would end up being $79.90 with the extra percentage off? I never really considered this stroller an option-assumed it was more than we wanted, but for this price....and we don't know the sex! Would purple work for a boy? I sent the hubs a quick picture. He said it was my call, purple and all. As I finally came to my decision that the purple was not too girls for a possible boy, he agreed that it was too go a deal to pass up. My nephew was thrilled to ride around in it all evening. He thought he was awesome playing with the huge sunshade, blocking everyone out so he could concentrate on his game (on my iPhone, of course.) As we left to go to Best Buy, I must say it was super easy to push a 35 lb 3 year old with one hand while carrying a squirmy 25 lb 18 month old in the other. I think this beautiful purple purchase is going to be worth every penny. 

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