Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Oh Cheeseburger, how I love thee, especially when I happen to be there during happy hour. A dear friend of mine and I met up there this afternoon for drinks and catching up. We've both had a lot going on in the past month, and needed a chance to get caught up. And for $3.50 for margaritas and mojitos and $2.00 for beers, we were definitely able to enjoy ourselves. I started off with a pomegranate mojito, which was OK. It was a little bland-not enough mojito and not enough pomegranate flavor. I then enjoyed a classic margarita on the rocks. I would imagine that a restaurant in the style of Jimmy Buffett woud do a nice margarita...and they did. It was a great time-good booze, but even better conversation and company.

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Ben Dessing said...

Thank you for dining with us at Cheeseburger in Paradise. You seem to really get what we're all about...great atmosphere, better drinks, and a place for friends to come and enjoy a little bit of Paradise together. That being said, could you please tell us which restaurant in which you dined, and even more importantly, offer some advice on what we can do to improve upon our Pomegranate Mojito? Any feedback is greatly appreciated, as it can only help us give great customers, like yourself, the experience they deserve! Please email me at Thanks, I hope your day is Just Beachy!”