Saturday, August 22, 2009

Strange Dreams

Apparently, my brain has been working over time while I'm sleeping. Over the past week, I've had some of the strangest, most random dreams. I remember them vividly when I first wake up, but now I'm struggling to remember details.

Dream #1: Mom, a work friend, a college friend, and I all end up going to a party about an hour (and a bridge) away from where I live. I have some sort of a chair with wheels (although not a wheel chair), and Mom decides I can just wheel myself on back home. When I get home, it's a combination of the house I grew up in and a friend from high school's home. All the furniture is covered up and I'm informed that the floors have just been redone.

Dream #2: I'm getting married (again) to the same guy...but he falls asleep while doing a reading for the wedding.

Dream #3: I kicked the dog out of the bedroom in the middle of the night. I do this from time, so I thought I had actually done it. I was very confused when both of them were still in the bedroom this morning.

Dream#4: Something about going on a field trip with a bunch of kids to see a show, and then wandering backstage to find a different ballet going on with only half costumes. There was also something about going to restaurants and shopping. The dream is very fuzzy for now...maybe I'll remember more as the day goes on.

Apparently, the hubs has some weird dreams last night, too. He had a dream that I went to a particular gynecologist because his mother recommend her.

Our brains need to calm down.

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