Sunday, August 23, 2009

More dreams...

Last night (in my dream), I was working with the ballet company I danced with. We had a master class, but the teacher was late. I called her, and she walked in. The class was very non-traditional. We followed it by a performance where everything went wrong.

Then, I was on a pier. I had two costume pieces with me, and for some reason, I threw them into the water. When I returned, they were there, but sunken so far I could not reach. A very kind gentleman with a red beard swam down to get them for me, and returned with two other costume pieces I didn't know I was missing. There was also a restaurant with outdoor dining on the pier, and I ran into my parents, who called me crazy for putting the costumes in the water in the first place.

Then I was at what was presumed to be my grandmother's house. I was an adult, but I was dressed like a child. I went to sleep, and I remember there was a ghost in my room. He kept pulling my hair, but I was too afraid to look at him. I got up early in the morning and went to the kitchen. There was a chef in there who was very friendly to me, and as my distant cousins (apparently, we were all staying at my grandmother's) came in, they opened bottles of wine. Wine for everyone at 6AM! My sister then came in and passed me something under from under her dress to under mine. It was her baby boy, who they had stolen from the hospital. (He rally is in the hospital right now.) She then let me show him off to people who would come see him one at a time.

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