Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nursery Progress

I've mentioned a couple times my obsession with the bedding I picked out. When the bedding came in a few weeks ago, it was all I could do to not pull it all out. 2 weeks later, the crib came in. It stayed in the ox approximately 12 hours. Despite feeling craptastic that day, I ended up rearranging furniture between the nursery and the NASCAR room. By the time the crib mattress came later in the week, I has almost finished the nursery. You could say I'm nesting, but I think I has more to do with my obsessive personality. I get something on my mind and I want it done NOW. Isn't it better to stay up late putting furniture together than laying in bed, not sleeping and thinking about it? I  also love to decorate...with these three things against me, you shouldn't be surprised the nursery only has a few decor items left to complete.

So, without further ado, here's the nursery thus far. 

As you walk on the door...the walls are Spring Cactus by Behr. When I painted this room 3 1/2 years ago, I loved the green with my pink and green bedding, but I did pick a color that would work for a gender neutral nursery. I'm a sneaky one. 

The Crib: Delta Sedona in Cherry from Babies R Us. The ceiling tiles will come down, although I kinda like them there. The book basket will actually be a larger basket or tub for toys. 
The bedding: Mod Dot by Skip Hop. The stuffed animals are just temporary.
The twin bed,  and my polka dot inspired hanging lanterns. I'd like to get some brown shams for the euro shams. The shams at the front at actually a light blue, that goes well with the bedding. 

Rocker Recliner instead of glider and my new boppy pillow. That will eventually live downstairs. I plan on putting a shadow bow of hospital memorabilia on the wall with the itty bitty frame. and possibly some floating shelves on the wall behind the chair. 

Our old dresser, housed in the closet. While there is a crib and a twin bed in this room, it'll have to stay in here. The bins at the top of the closet came from Dollar Tree and will house blankets, extra bedding, etc. 2 will go downstairs eventually for bottles and bibs. 

The other side of the closet...this will eventually have a cubed shelf for toy storage. For now, my car seat, stroller, and box of too big outfits will have to stay here. 

So...what's left? A few things...
I love this tutorial on creating these, but substituting baby blue and crimson for the background colors. 

Or I could just get a custom one made by Chickadee Digital. Might be easier. 

I need two of these from Bed, Bath, and Beyond...one for dirty diapers and one for laundry. 

And I plan to do something similar to this from Design Sponge behind the door. 

I still need to find something to put over the twin bed, and some floating shelves that I like. I figure I have plenty of time to keep looking for those, though!