Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 23

How far along? 23 weeks!

How big is baby? A grapefruit or large mango-11 inches and over a pound. It's exciting to me we're measuring in pounds now. 

Total weight gain/loss: I didn't weigh today. 

Maternity clothes? Today, none. It's hit or miss. My pants aren't staying buttoned, but I love my BellaBand. The maternity items I ordered from Old Navy didnot it ight, so they need to o back this week. 

Sleep: Good, except for the crazy dreams. I had one the other night so frightening I didn't want to go back to sleep. 

Best moment this week: We took a cloth diapering class yesterday. I found I knew a lot more than I had realized. It was kinda awesome. 

Movement: The other night, little boy kicked my iPad off my stomach. So yeah, he's pretty active.  

Food Cravings: None, they've calmed down a little. 

Food Aversions: Still bananas. I sampled a strawberry banana smoothie yesterday. The smell more than the taste drove me crazy. 

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: A few more Braxton hicks contractions. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: Nothing big this week. 

Belly Button in or out? In!

What I miss: Being able to sit up from laying down without rolling to the side. 

What I am looking forward to: Getting to use all the stuff I know about cloth diapering!

Upcoming appointments/events: It's a quiet week. Next appointment is next Monday, 2/18. 

Milestones: I think I have finished our registries. After our CD class yesterday, I have a better understanding of at kind of diapers I want. I ended up moving my CD stuff from Amazon to Diaper Junction. It was so much more organized and clear. Considering I don't really expect many (if any) people to shop online, I figured that this would make sense. 

Also, the nursery is about 90% complete at this point! There are one decor type items I need to do still, but overall, it's coming together well. 

H decided to go close up on the bump that it's really there. 

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