Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 25

How far along? 25 weeks...damn, they suddenly seem to be flying!

How big is baby? A cauliflower, eggplant,  or rutabaga, about 14 inches long and 1 1/2 lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +1.3 since last Monday morning, -3.7 since the Dr office Monday afternoon. (Of ourselves, I weigh naked at home.) I am going to do a better job of weighing myself again to keep accountable and not go crazy gaining a bnh more weight. 

Maternity clothes? Still not caving in completely. My wardrobe is a definite mash up of maternity and non-maternity items. I did purchase 4 tank tops (which will actually still be useable after this pregnancy-I love how long they are!), a 3/4 jersey shirt, ashore sleeve blouse, and 2 short sleeve tshirts yesterday for a whopping $50. I went through my closet last night and moved things I can't wear to the bottom row of hangers and things I can to the top. I tried on some spring dresses, and was pleasantly pleased with what I have. I think if I could find a pair or two of capris (maybe khaki and black), I'll be good o go for the rest of this pregnancy. (I had hoped to wear my normal ones, but alas, but butt and thighs say no. Another reason to get on the scale every week.)

Speaking of shopping...I got an awesome deal today. My sister and I were perusing Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I always check out the "AsIs" merchandise. I could not believe I found the universal car seat adapter or our Baby Jogger City Mini. It appeared it was purchased online at Buy Buy Baby,but since there is no local store, returned o Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Their loss, my gain as I paid $12 for it, compared the original price of $59! I felt like a rock star!

Sleep: I am having a lot of trouble ething a completely empty bladder before I go to bed (or as close to empty as possible). Baby boy is particularly active at that home, and my bladder is his toy of preference. 

Best moment this week: Watching What To Expect When You're Expecting, and having a character use one of my excuses ("I didn't fart-it was the baby."). There was a sense of validation. 

Movement: Like crazy, especially at night. I had my first painful blow, directly to the bladder this week. It made me sit up straight. 

Food Cravings: Alas, none this week. 

Food Aversions: People were eating bananas at lunch. The smell made me want to ralph. 

Gender: Boy. 

Labor Signs: Still having Braxton hicks....maybe 1or 2 every third or fourth day

Pregnancy Symptoms: None, really. I've been feeling pretty good. 

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: I literally told the hubster that I missed being able to sit up normally this week

What I am looking forward to: Spring craft shows and looking at baby things!

Upcoming appointments/events: Glucose test and 28 week appointment is March 21. Then we start going every 2 weeks. 

Milestones: The hubs felt more movement this week! While he's felt it before, this was the most consistent and really strong. I think he got a kick out of it. (Pun fully intended.)

Oh my boobs look tiny compared to my very round belly. 

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