Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby Shower #2!

My sister, mom, aunt and cousin-in-law all hosted me a beautiful baby shower over the weekend. My mom, inspired partially by the bright colors in the nursery and partially by the fact my husband put animal crackers on the registry, suggested a cute vintage circus theme.

 When it came to the shower, I had two requests: that the cake come from the same person who did our wedding cake and 2) nothing was too cartoony. They did an excellent job, and I am had such a beautiful time.
The food-meatballs, cheeseball, fruit and veggie platters, crabmeat dip, punch.
Cake Close Up

Peanuts and Circus Animals

Yellow roses are my favorite...

Super Plush Toys for baby

The gifts were out of control...I sat in the chair to the left of the gifts, and ended up looking like a Christmas tree with all sorts of gifts around my feet.

I love the books mom used.

Notice David in the middle of everything...that was pretty typical.

Not the most attractive face I've ever made...
These were all the items used as decorations.

Clothes-We received clothes anywhere from size 0-3 month on up to 12 month.

Stroller Accessories, Feeding Accessories, Photo Albums, Bath Accessories, and our wifi security camera/baby monitor.

Cloth Diapers! I was lucky that people were very kind and generous with this in particular-and a lot of people had some awesome questions. I may have convinced at least one person to start thinking about cloth for her next baby.

Toys, Books, Nursery accessories...I love the framed artwork my mother in law made!

Our baby book-a special gift from my grandmother

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