Friday, April 19, 2013

For the love of Etsy

I wish I was crafty. Sometimes, I am...a little, but I know my limits. I love that when I use Etsy. I'm giving someone who has more talent than I do an opportunity to exercise their love. Plus, I get really cool, homemade items. It's a win-win situation. Needless to say, this baby has all sorts of Etsy going on in his life already.

It all started with my idea for the nursery. I loved the idea of keeping with my bright colors in the nursery, but was at a loss for wall art. I knew I wanted to do something with our pets, but I was unsure how to go about it. I found this idea on Pinterest, which was awesome, but I was afraid my DIY attempt would end up miserable. Then I found Jessica at ChickadeeDigital on Etsy. I sent her three pictures of our pets, and within 3 days, she sent me back these three awesome digital prints. I love how they look in the nursery.

When I decided to use trash cans for both the diaper pail and laundry hamper, I wanted to make sure I had a way to distinguish between the two. I found an awesome vinyl decal from Delightdesigns, and she was able to design a coordinating one for dirty laundry. She truly was helpful and her work came out beautifully.

The diaper bag is something I was not looking forward to finding. I had thought I'd go with something from Vera Bradley, which I do still like, but I was looking for more. Over the summer, I discovered my love for grey chevron, but most of the bags I found did not have a zipper-a must for me. This bag by ACAmour is perfect-roomy, lots of pockets, both inside and out, a long enough strap to be worn as a messenger bag, and, of course, there's my beloved zipper. I cannot wait to get it packed and ready for Nick Jr's arrival.

The baby book was another item I just couldn't really find a "traditional" item I liked. I picked one out that was OK, but not what I truly wanted. I had been drooling over one from Ruby Love Baby, but, truth be told, it was a little more expensive than I thought anyone would spend. My grandmother wanted to get me something I really wanted and would stand the test of time. She, with the help of my mom, ordered me this baby book. And even though it was twice as much as any other book I had considered, it is well worth the price. I even ordered 2 additional shower pages and an envelope, which coordinates perfectly and came super quickly.

The last baby related items I purchased via Etsy (let's be honest-thus far) were not actually for Nick Jr, but actually for my mom and sister. While I'm not overtly emotional or sentimental, I did want to get something for them. Korena Loves made these bracelets for me-I love the inscriptions on the inside ("The best sisters are promoted to aunts." and "God couldn't be everywhere, so he created grandmothers."), but I also love that the sentiment is not in your face. They came out beautifully, with efficient shipping.

And there is one more Etsy shop I know Nick Jr will have something from, but he has to be born-and have a name-first. My friend Rachel runs Rachel's Fiber Arts, and in the past, I've asked her to wall hangings for both my niece's and nephew's rooms. She is already excited to make a name sculpture for Nick Jr (her most recent project), and I can't wait to ask her to make some sort of wall hanging, too.

Baby Name Sculpture

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