Thursday, June 13, 2013

Induction thoughts

The further past my due date I go, the more I think about the possibility of induction. I really, really hate drugs. In a situation where I have minimal control, they make me feel even more out of control. And, for me at least, a planned induction equates a C section, something I truly want to avoid.

I was born 6 days late. My mother's water broke at 11PM, with no contractions in sight. They gave her pitocin right away, and when her body made minimal progress (and I was in distress), they switched to an emergency C section 24 hours later.

My sister was induced around 37 weeks with my nephew due to pre-eclampsia. Her body was not ready, so 46 hours later, he arrived via C section. When my niece bordered on 2 weeks late, they didn't even other to try to induce, they went straight to C section.

I know family history is not the be all, end all of how things will go down for me, but the longer I go, the more likely I believe it. And I don't want it. (But, truly, who does?) It just seems like the women in my family are not cut out for birthing babies.

At the same time, I'm over being pregnant. Yes, I'm uncomfortable and huge, but that seems minimal at this point. I'm ready to move on to the next phase. This week in particular I feel like I've been in a holding pattern. I'm ready to move past that.

So when I go for my appointment next week at 41 weeks 1 day, what do I say? Ask them to try to hold off longer to see if I can make this happen and avoid induction? Beg them to induce me that day so I can move on? Then there is always the fear that baby won't be doing too well at the Non Stress Test tomorrow. We could be looking at an induction (or C section if its really bad) tomorrow afternoon.

All I can do at this point is hope, wish, and pray that Nick Jr decides to make his appearance today...or at least sometime before Monday.

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