Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Labor? No, not really...

Prodromal labor-which sounds better than false labr-sums, mentally, physically, and emotionally. This past week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride...I hate questioning "Is this real?" I have constantly told myself I would end going over due, but after the events of the weekend, I've really felt down and blues out it. I keep telling myself it'll come-I'm only 2 days past a silly estimate at this point-and after some retail therapy yesterday afternoon, I think I actually believe it. 

Wednesday, June 5-
Woke up feeling off; tired, a little nauseous, and just not with it. Add in a ridiculously hormonal moment at the OB's office.

Thursday, June 6-
Woke up super early (4AMish). Felt like I had to pee all day long. Before we left to go up to Richmond to look at cars, thought I had a change in discharge. Had to stop at a rest stop along the way, realized I was losing my mucus plug. The rest of it made its exodus at a BMW dealership. Had 3 intense contractions on the way home (while I was driving) about 10 minutes apart. Had a serious conversation with Nick Jr that I had to get home before he did anymore.  He decided to go back to being super quiet.

Friday, June 7-
Up again fom 3:30-5, then awake for the day at 6:30AM. Nothing the rest of the day-no contractions.

Saturday, June 8-
Morning three of being up early. (This shit is getting old.) Woke up with back aches, which were inconsistent yet harsh enough for me to question if I was sore from the position I was in, or having contractions. Seemed to go away after napping on the couch. Went to a work picnic, felt really off and tired. Every movement I made extremely painful in my crotch. At about 8:30 PM, started to feel some contractions, mainly in back. Started timing them about 10 PM-lasting 45-60 secs, about 1.5-2 mins apart. Called Beth, gave her a heads up. Since she was already over this way, she came over to stay the night. I decided to get some sleep. Fell asleep around 11:30 PM. 

Sunday, June 9-
Woke up around 2:30, went downstairs around 3AM. Tried to go to sleep on the couch. Contractions started to get a little stronger, encomassing more of my abdomen rather than just my back. Fell asleep from 4:30-6:30. Got up, asked Nick to start making breakfast while I walked the dogs. I was sore and experiencing crazy lightning crotch while walking, but couldn't time any contractions while walking the dogs. At this point, contractions slowed down. We did everything-took a drive, walked around the mall...whenever I got still, contractions would slow down or stop. Took a much needed nap while Nick went to pay hockey (and we decided it there was no sense in Beth staying), I woke up to no contractions. *sigh*

Monday, June 10-
Dr's appt...no change in dilation or effacement. Non Stress Test scheduled for Friday, appointment for next Monday, an induction will be scheduled for sometime next Tuesday through Friday, unless Nick, Jr decides to come sometime sooner. 

Here's hoping the  real thing comes about before Friday so we don't even have to go the NST route!

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