Saturday, June 29, 2013

Post Partum Week 2

A day late...but I couldn't get the pictures to cooperate yesterday! And really, who wants to read this without the pictures....

Another week down, and we're all getting better acquainted with each other. It's been a crazy busy week-in the last week, we went to a wedding, took our first overnight trip, visited dad's old school, visited with lots of friends and family, and ran a plethora of errands. Jack's 2 week appointment was earlier this morning, and we were thrilled o learn he grew 1.25 inches (up to 20.25 inches) and had surpassed his birth weight (up to 6 lbs 15 oz-->a full14 ounces in a week and a half!) everything went well at the appointment this morning, and Dr. Baust cauterized his belly button, removing most of the umbilical cord stump.
Jack with big cousin David

No! He's Mine! -Cousin Colbie

With Aunt Jeri-Lee

Very Serious

Daddy calls your forehead wrinkles your WiFi reception.
Everyone's taking pictures of the little man.

Napping before the wedding.
Jack and Emily, the Bride

Tank goodness Wegman's has carts big enough to accommodate a car seat and our massive cereal haul.

Breast feeding is getting better and better. I need to find a better chair to sit in downstairs so I don't kill my back, and we're working on being able to lay down and nurse at night. 

Cloth diapering is going well, too. I can't wait for him to fill out and be able to wear his one size diapers. I still love using fitteds at night, and we're able to use his itty bitty Kawaii Pure and Naturals and Little Bamboo Baby pockets. I'm anxious to see if he'll fit in his Rumparooz-they say they fit at 6 lbs, but I've been too nervous to try them. 

Happy Baby, modeling a Thirsties XSmall Diaper Cover

 As far as my recovery goes, I'm doing well. As of today, I can start driving again. I haven't taken any pain killers since Tuesday, and even then it was just Advil. The dermabond covering my incision is starting to peel off, and the incision looks pretty good. My swelling has gone waaaaaaay done-my feet and ankles look normal again my hands are still a little puffy, but I can finally wear my rings again. I'm down another ten pounds from last week-I weighed in at 221.4 this morning. 22.6 lbs down from delivery, 61.4 to go till I'm back at my Weight Watchers goal. I've read conflicting information on rejoining Weight Watchers after pregnancy, so my plan is to wait until my weight loss either tapers off or I reach 6 weeks pp. That will give my milk supply a chance to stabilize, and as long as I'm losing weight, I do t think Weight Watchers can do much more for me right now.
Seems to have gone down some, although, we took this picture after a Mexican smorgasbord. I feel like I look a little smaller most of the time...

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