Saturday, August 23, 2008

Duplin Pink Magnolia

Wine: Duplin Pink Magnolia
Price: $8.99
Store: Local mart at Holden Beach, NC, although I have found it in Farm Fresh and Food Lion for less than I spent 15 miles from the winery.

"Duplin Winery's Pink Magnolia is a select blend of Magnolia and Noble grapes. The flowery, lightly sweet blush is the perfect compliment to any spicy dish that requires a gentle finish. With a sweetness level similar to White Zinfindel, Duplin Winery's Pink Magnolia is described as the blush with a 'southern flare.'"~

We bought this as another souvenir of our "travels" this summer. We really wanted to tour the winery and do a tasting, but there just wasn't enough time. Maybe next summer.'s a nice crisp wine. Definitely similiar to a white zin, but has a bit more of a bit to it. It is very smooth going down. This time of wine is great both with a meal as welll as alone.

Rating: 4 Stars

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Crystal said...

I love Duplin wines. There hasn't been many that I've tried and didn't like. If you go tour the winery, let me know... we can go together :) Its less than 2 hours from me!