Thursday, August 14, 2008

Seokryuju Pomegranate Wine

Name: Seokryuju Pomegranate Wine
Price: $8.99
Store: I don't know...The hubs purchased it at a random Asian Foods Store

I have a recent obsession with pomegranate lately. I looooooove PAMA pomegranate Liquor (which deserves a post a little later on), and since the hubs loves me, he saw this when he was in the store the other night and picked some up for me. This wine tastes like straight up pomegranate juice with a kick. It's definitey more on the tart side rather than the sweet. There is not a lot of scent to it-what scent there is none other than pomegranate (imagine that!). This is more of an after dinner drink than a dinner wine.

Rating: 2 Stars. Glad I tried it, but it does not fulfill the wine need in me.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good wine for people that are allergic to grapes and strawberries which tend to be in most popular wines. It has a relatively high alcohol content so enjoy wisely.