Thursday, August 14, 2008

Incanto Rose

Wine: Incanto Rose Vino Frizzante
Price: $5.99
Store: Trader Joe's

"Robaso is a grape variety typically produced in Veneto, the growing area surrounding the town of Venice. Our winemakers produce this Raboso in a modern, pleasant style, vinifying it as a Rosato in a frizzante effervescence that greatly embraces the appreciate of its fruity aromas. Serve well chilled as an apertif or a refreshing summer drink." ~Back of the Bottle

There is a slight fuity aroma scent to this wine, but there is very little of a fruity taste. This is a very dry wine, and I was excited about the effervescent quality of it. It was actually overpowering and I think the wine would have been better whithout it. The hubs really seemed to enjoy this wine, but it's not my cup of tea.

Rating: 1 Star...Might be nice if you prefer really dry wines, though.


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself an award winner! Check out my blog to find out what to do next!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. I got a bottle of it from Trader Joe's in NYC at Union Square tonight, and regret it already.

I should have gone with the Prosecco or the Gruet, which I would have had to get from Astor Wines.

I won't buy this one again .... ugh!

The Gourmez said...

Just letting you know I quoted you on my own review of Incanto Rose this week. I agree--not so hot. My Review

dazza said...

I quite enjoyed it. It's dry and light, unlike many other roses which overdo the sweetness. I like the heavier (yet still fine) carbonation as it lends to the dry theme. I guess it reacts differently on different palates!

jenster said...

Sitting on deck in lake Tahoe and dear friend brought a couple bottles and love it. I personally love rose and buy bottles up to 100.00 dollars and this one holds it's own for a lite, fresh taste when sitting playing solitaire and enjoying the outdoors.